efb4c0_cef366f09e3643c5bcedea3533284340Since the technology boom, the consumer electronic market became a competitive struggle for the vendor. While speeding up processors and making screens bigger, only some electronics vendors survived. Competition converged to selling very similar devices, but with a different marketing strategy. Basically, everybody has the same level of products, making it a very hard choice for a consumer to make a choice, to make the distinction between the real and imaginary advantages of an electronic product. Nowadays it is a challenge to encourage customers to buy — the age of noisy ads and tons of paper brochures has faded.


efb4c0_e5688ff1873b4933becb28e152550243The time of internet retail began. But the problem stays, it is still a challenge to sort out products that are not relevant to the client. Softcube solves this problem. Our technology makes communication with the customer truly personalised. We gather all customer behavior data, so that the recommendation engine offers the customer a device he/she is really interested in. To get in touch with the customer in every possible way, we use other channels like trigger emails and sms. As a result every customer gets personal attention. Please find out how we helped one of the biggest Ukrainian internet retailers to master personalization and increase sales.