efb4c0_a3ec5c3f41374897916a44ad75c2d55fThe e-mailed coupon has a similar reputation to that of spam. Many see it as an endless stream of mostly irrelevant discounted goods and services. It is hardly related to what an individual customer would like. But, in all honesty, people should be treated differently. The offer should make sense to the client and have an actual value. Simply put, there is no need to offer to a . Such an offer would just distract him from seeing a much more attractive product, particularly for him.


efb4c0_d705f56b693f44b78f75a5edde0aedaaSorting out what is relevant to a person and what is not allows for an increase of sales due to better targeting. A customer will continue to consider many different offers, only if he discovers relevant ones often enough. Softcube helps to filter out offers not worth a customer’s attention. Our story is about Superdeal – a big coupon service with millions of monthly visitors. Coupon services know best that a customer’s attention is a limited resource, and that it is crucial to show some really tasty offers. Softcube and Superdeal optimized personal recommendation well enough to increase sales by more than 20%. Find out more in the whitepaper.