How can I start selling more with Softcube?

Method 1 — For Any Eshop

Insert custom JavaScript code at the end of thetag on all site pages. Note: You can integrate this JS code with Google Tag Manager!

Method 2 — For Eshops on Magento Platform

If you have a store on the Magento platform simply download and install our plugin!

Send us a message right away if you run into any issues getting Softcube’s services up and running!

How does Softcube’s plugin / JS code work?

Our script (one line of JS code) allows us to collect product information so that we can track purchases made after customers click on personalized recommendations.

How long does it take for Softcube to be fully functioning?

Usually it takes about 2 days. We will begin by collecting data from your site and generating product recommendations. Then we will show you how our personalized recommendations work in a demo mode. Once you’re completely satisfied with what you see, we’ll work with you to will launch it for all customers in short order!

Will product recommendation blocks match the look and feel of my site?

Yes! Our wonderful team of designers will customize Softcube’s product recommendation blocks to match your site design

Can I try out Softcube before committing?

Yes, you can use Softcube’s services free for 14 days. After the first two weeks your payment plan with be based on total monthly site revenue.

How can I track sales increases to see that Softcube is working?

You will be granted access to an admin panel where you will be able to see sales reports, including data on the number of recommendations shown, CTR, and detailed reports of product sales. You can also segment users who interact with recommendations in Google Analytics and measure CTR and conversion for those particular customers.

I already have product recommendations on my site. Can I compare Softcube’s recommendations alongside what I currently use?

Absolutely! We can help you do this by launching an A/B test.

We do this by creating different utm marks to the recommendation links, and then showing your current recommendations to 50% of your visitors and Softcube’s recommendations to the other half.