Meet the world of countless products and endless choice – the world of Fashion. It is easy to get lost in the ocean of typical clothing, typical ads or typical non-personalized assistance of fashion stores. It is even more likely for the customer to go through a huge variety of online stores. Softcube makes store interaction with the customer individualised again.






efb4c0_77aaa404e65d4ecb98ea4536d7b32eceSoftcube helped Helen Marlen Group, the exclusive and official multibrand representative of high class garments, to boost total sales by reaching a next-level relationship with their clients. We gathered all the necessary data about the customer’s shopping experience and gave Helen Marlen the power to provide a recommendation service in goods categories to meet each customer’s expectations. We implemented a custom solution that preserved their unique, minimalistic design, and ensured an awesome shopping experience.




On top of that, Softcube helped to set up a personalized newsletter that gives a gentle reminder to customers not only about previously viewed goods, but also products that were added to the shopping cart or similar to the intended purchase. As a result, the average order size through recommendation clicks had increased by 47 percent and total revenue generated by recommendations had increased by 32 percent, according to the AB test. Find out more about the Helen Marlen Group’s success story.