efb4c0_79da37ce2096409fb2b67c8fa811821fSince ancient times, everything that relates to health and beauty tends to be personal. The perfectly suited fragrance fashion style go hand in hand with an individual’s health and beauty. This is the art of composing the individual’s personal style. It is not so easy to find such a set of cosmetics and jewelry to create the right personal image. Usually we stick to some successful choices and feel sceptical about experimenting, in order not to make our image worse.



efb4c0_662e898ba9914d1bbffab301503c9213The customer guided into the wrong direction among fragrances may have a disappointing shopping experience. When it is about finding something beautiful and something magical, it is so easy to fall short of customer expectations. Yves-Rocher puts a lot of energy to present products as masterpieces at their online store. Each and every detail of a user’s shopping experience is perfected. That’s why it is so crucial for them to not show the wrong (show the right) product to a person.


Softcube technology allows consumers to interact not only with the site menu, but directly with the products, helping to guide them through the astonishing world of health and beauty products. Find out (these little tags should be consistent, perhaps) how we helped Yves-Rocher to keep user shopping experience at a premiere level while boosting sales through recommendations.