efb4c0_ed62204249c7477aa452773c8ad74daeIf you are selling home improvement and gardening goods, your customers may vary a lot. An elderly woman with a small garden and a cat, young couples furnishing their first flat or a carpenter working on project. They all need a completely different approach and service. The elderly woman wants to know a lot details about your products, receive direct emails and make calls to the service department. A young couple could even avoid visiting your store, order all things online and get next day delivery. It is crucial for them. A carpenter want to know the best deals in his category and receive regular updates about your products’ range and price. Serving all the customers is difficult, but Softcube technology helps to chose the right approach for each one.

Softcube helped Florium, the biggest Ukrainian gardening retailer, gather all information about their customer’s behavior. We predict what special offers customer would like and deliver them in a personalized newsletter and SMS.


efb4c0_a4dc6184c92f487abfbdec3c740e13dbWe adopted a mathematical model to take into account the customer’s location, stock levels in the closest store, household income, family size and more than 30 other characteristics. Now Florium makes their relationship with customers really personal. Now, they ask for feedback after a store visit, congratulate with birthday greetings or make seasonal offers to whom they’re needed. As a result, every customer feels special, which helps Florium to increase sales and customer loyalty.