efb4c0_cf5fcc47706e4cc38a6775ad0b4cb17a Games and playing in general are activities which teach us new things and help us to learn about the world around us. The number of games and hobbies seem infinite, and just as many different and unique minds are searching for the right game. There are different games not only for each age but for different mindsets. Construction games develop the best analytical minds while association games are the most useful for the artistic type. And it is very easy to make a wrong choice and disappoint young, curious game-seekers.​

Softcube doesn’t cut the choices but helps customers to focus on interesting and relevant choices. “Too much choice kills choice”, a saying claims. And it is true; stunned with many possible choices, we desperately take something which seems promising. What is even worse, the next choice is just as unguided as the previous, leading to random tries (purchases) to satisfy curiosity.

Softcube develops a system which guides parents and children through a vast variety of toys and games. We follow customer interests, and grow with him/her. Softcube recommendations help to explore the world gradually, towards one’s interests. The customer gets a personal touch and feels an awareness of their own needs. And the customer more often than not, comes back to find a new amazing game experience. Below there is a story of an online toy store, which structured its recommendations with Softcube and increased both sales and customer loyalty.