efb4c0_865898ca3b984f259d6be303820438b5A hundred years ago, every grocery store was a family business. The old wise owner knew every customer. He knew each customer’s tastes and needs. Now, we have big bright city malls with tens of thousands of items. But, we missed adding a personal touch to shopping during this evolution. Today it becomes even more challenging, since customers usually make orders online without the help of any retail representatives. Softcube makes personal communication with the customer possible again.


Softcube helped Metro, one of the biggest European retailers, to profit from information about customer behavior both online and offline. Implementation took few weeks and just marketing department was involved, so smooth integration is. Softcube helped Metro to predict what kind of special offers customers would like. Next step was to change paper catalogues with personalized newsletter and SMS.


We adopted a mathematical model to take into account a customer’s location, stock levels in a nearby store, household income, family size and more than 30 other characteristics. Now Metro could re-establish a relationship with customers on a new, more solid basis. They could ask for feedback after a store visit, congratulate their customer with a birthday greeting or make special offers for customers with children of a certain age. As a result, every customer got a personal touch and Metro got a significant increase in sales and purchase frequency.