40 Examples of the Tastiest Food Ads

40 Examples of the Tastiest Food Ads

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How often do you eat in front of the screen? 

Watching a video on YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform during a lunch break can seem more tempting than having a conversation with a colleague or sitting in silence.

According to Forbes contributor Nicole Fisher, the founder and president of Health & Human Rights Strategies, the average adult processes five times more data every day than their counterparts of half a century ago. 

In their research, Nielsen discovered that adults in the United States spend more than 10 hours per day consuming media.

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There’s a reasonable chance you’re having a snack right now while browsing this article. Well, bon appétit! 

As for businesses and their appetite for food ads, it’s only increasing.

Anthony E. Gallo, an agricultural economist with the Food and Rural Economics Division of the US Department of Agriculture, claimed US food advertisers spent more than $7 billion in 1997.

Food ads research by Anthony Gallo

In 2017, the food industry in the United States spent $11 billion solely on TV ads according to Huffpost.

Additionally, a report by the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity says food companies spent nearly $13.5 billion across all media that year.

40 Tastiest Examples of Food Ads You Must See

In this article, we’re going to show you some:

  • Fast food ads
  • Facebook food ads
  • Instagram food ads
  • Food video ads and commercials
  • Food ads made by Artificial Intelligence

Fast Food Ads Produced by the Most Valuable Brands

In 2019, McDonald’s was the most valuable fast food brand in the world, worth an estimated $130 billion.

Food ads — most valueable fast food brands

Here are examples of restaurant advertisements from the 10 most valuable fast food brands worldwide:


Keynote: Don’t try so hard

Our lights are on, to be there for those who need us.

Your customers need you and you need only several seconds to impress your audience.


Keynote: Visualize your product or service

Starbucks claims the foam in their Iced Cloud Macchiato is light as a cloud. In the Facebook ad above, they convey that idea with a five-second video.


Keynote: Promote your business using gamification

KFC not only cooks fast food but makes anime ads and codes chicken. But seriously, I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator is available free on Steam.


Keynote: Be creative when showing your product or service in action

Subway shows some love and uses math to engage their Facebook audience.

Domino’s Pizza

Keynote: Humor is one of the most powerful weapons in advertising

Play with your customers’ senses. In their commercial, Domino’s Pizza focuses on what their customers rely on  most when ordering pizza: the smell, taste, and appearance.

Pizza Hut

Keynote: Present your advantages (and don’t be shy)

Presentation. We mean it. In their YouTube video ad, Pizza Hut makes a real show to introduce their new delivery service.

Burger King

Keynote: Be real

We bet this is one of the best Facebook restaurant ads you’ve ever seen. Burger King uses the terrifying beauty of their burgers to inform their customers they’ve gotten rid of artificial preservatives.

Tim Hortons

Keynote: All genius is simple

This Tim Hortons Facebook post shows how ingeniously marketers can bind ad copy to video.


Keynote: Grow your business organically

Ads can be free. For instance, you can use Facebook posts to interact with your customers.

Taco Bell

Keynote: Educate your audience

Creating a series of video cooking tutorials is a great way to boost your traffic and conversions.

Very Appetizing Facebook Food Ads 

If you need to create Facebook ads for restaurants, cafes, delivery services, or other food businesses, check out these ten examples by world-known brands.

If you would like even more examples, check out our list of more than 40 Facebook video ads.


Keynote: Use Facebook to be in touch with your customers 24/7

Fill the day with love.

It sounds like a good way to spend time. Use your Facebook Feed and other placements across the Facebook family of apps and services to create a strong connection with your customers and remind them about your brand from time to time.


Keynote: Create shorter ads for Facebook from one longer ad

This technique takes two steps. The first is filming a one-minute video (featuring someone famous if possible). The second step is cutting your video into a few different shorter ads.

You should do that for two reasons. The first reason is that you can use your budget more effectively by creating different versions of the same ad. The second reason is that you can get more reach by delivering these different ad versions to different people.

Not to mention that you can perform tests to learn which options work best for you.


Keynote: Loop your video content for Facebook placements

After watching the ad examples by McDonald’s, Heinz, and Activia, you can see for yourself that a looping video is one of the most popular styles for food advertisements on social media. 

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?


Keynote: Try image ads

Along with video and GIFs, don’t forget that you can create images to promote your business.


Keynote: Create several video guides in one.

You don’t necessarily need to promote your business. Instead, promote your products or services by showing a few recipes that your target audience will find useful.


Keynote: Have fun with your audience

We already told you that you can play with your audience and educate them. Keep in mind that you can combine these two methods.


Keynote: Promote social media with social media

Let your social media profiles talk to each other from time to time.


Keynote: Let your audience help you

Ads for food brands are like love chips for people who love chips.


Keynote: Find a partner 

Over 90 million businesses advertise on Facebook. We bet you can find an advertising partner to promote your food to more people.


Keynote: Mix your food with something else

Campbell’s Tomato Soup is more appealing when served with other products.

Mouth-Watering Instagram Food Ads

Instagram is the most popular advertising platform in the food industry. According to internal data, 45% of Instagrammers surveyed think they will watch more mobile video in the future. 

NOTE: Softcube Artificial Intelligence can automatically create content for your Instagram restaurant video advertising.

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Coffee Delivery Template

Italian Pizza Template

Salt Bae

Keynote: Nothing is impossible

Nusret #Saltbae Gökçe created the most epic Instagram restaurant ads ever.

Charisma, unique style, and slowmo turned him into one of the most recognizable faces on the internet. After becoming a meme, this guy opened a restaurant. Think about it.

Le Bernardin

Keynote: Pay attention to details

Le Bernardin, a French restaurant in New York, takes detailed photos of the food they serve. Food looks gorgeous when customers see details.


Keynote: Make your ads native 

Septime made one of the best native restaurant ads examples by posting a photo of Paul Bocuse, a world-known chef and the creator of truffle soup.

Bob Bob Richard

Keynote: Shock people

If you have a restaurant, you need a button. If you sell food online, you need a button on your website.


Keynote: Show what your customers love

Surprise your Instagram community with vivid content. Everyone loves sweets.


Keynote: Show food experiments 

Food looks like nature. Do you like this waterfall created in a Catch restaurant in New York?

Cecconi’s Barcelona

Keynote: Effects are useful when they’re not overused

Cecconi’s used one of the best restaurant advertising ideas — a black and white background in combination with a colored bottle of champagne that makes the glass come alive.

The Tokyo Restaurant

Keynote: Combine colors wisely

The Tokyo Restaurant has an Instagram profile that’s full of simple but elegant food photos.


Keynote: Serve food with no filters to make it look simple

Simple food must look simple. Here’s one of the best street food advertisement examples.

Case Maca Ibiza

Keynote: Show where you cook your food

People love to see how you create your food masterpieces.

Food Video Ads and Commercials

If you want to watch more video ads, go through our list of the 15 best product video ads. After that, watch hilarious food video ads we’ve collected for you:

Ritter Sport

Keynote: Keep in simple

Use a pair of hands, set up a white background, then add a zesty orange, roasted California almonds, and dark chocolate and the original square chocolate bar is ready.

Mountain Dew

Keynote: Adapt new ideas to create something new

Bryan Cranston would look perfect in a remake of The Shining. What do you think?