Video advertising is winning over the hearts of marketers all over the world.

According to Statista, marketers are expected to spend over $32 million on video ads as of April 2019.

As the world’s number one social media network, Facebook is poised to play a big role in this video explosion

The best Facebook video ads help brands connect with new customers every day.

This is all thanks to the special experience and unique advantages video ads provide.

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42 Best Facebook Video Ad Examples for 2020

42 Best Facebook Video Ad Examples for 2020

Video advertising is winning over the hearts of marketers all over the world.

According to Statista, marketers are expected to spend over $32 million on video ads as of April 2019.

Facebook video ad examples — video ads revenue

As the world’s number one social media network, Facebook is poised to play a big role in this video explosion

The best Facebook video ads help brands connect with new customers every day.

Facebook video ad examples — mobile video statistics

This is all thanks to the special experience and unique advantages video ads provide.

What Are The Benefits of Video Ads?

Video ads look like short movies with vivid pictures, melodious soundtracks, thrilling scripts, and special effects. They’re successful because they give full creative freedom to their creators.

They can show many different products in use simultaneously and allow companies to advertise any possible service in action. They’re perfect to bring any message to your target audience.

Videos create a personal connection that no other type of ad can.

For that reason, native video is the most successful way to engage with people on Facebook.

Facebook video ad examples — video engagement

Images can’t be ignored today, they’ll take the form of GIFs, and be moving as well.

Naturally, the sooner you join the video ad trend, the better. Before reviewing examples of the best ads, let’s recall Facebook video ad best practices so you can start as smoothly as possible.

Capture Attention Instantly

Your Facebook videos have to get users to convert within the first three seconds. How can you achieve this? Meet the following requirements:

  • Design for mobile and sound-off viewing
  • Add text or subtitles for users who turn off the sound
  • Add pleasing audio for users who turn on the sound
  • Keep your clips to no longer than 15 seconds
  • Include your branding as early as possible
  • Write minimum text with a call to action (CTA) for your ad description

One more crucial factor you should take into account is publishing videos at scale.

Bombard Your Audience at Scale

Say you run an online store and use images to display the items from your product catalog.

You’ll need to show dozens or even hundreds of images on a regular basis. Only in this way will customers notice your active performance, which will result in a good conversion rate.

Video ad campaigns work the same way. You should post content regularly to achieve the desired effect. The bad news is that videos are hard to produce: you need to shoot, edit, and render footage.

The good news is that the boom in video marketing has prompted advancements in video production.

Artificial intelligence can produce hundreds of high-quality product video ads with subtitles and packshots at short notice and for the cost of image ads.

Use Your Instagram Account To The Maximum

Among Facebook placements, Instagram is the most popular for visual creatives for a few reasons:

  • It’s the third largest Facebook placement platform. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users.
  • Stories. People watch more Stories on Instagram than on any other social media network — and there are over 500 million users every day.
  • Checkout. Customers can buy a product right on Instagram without leaving the app.
  • Instagram apps. Instagram offers four mobile apps for creating and showcasing attractive content: Boomerang, Hyperlapse, Layout, and IGTV.

Facebook has over 2.3 billion monthly active users, and nearly half of them have an Instagram profile.

Naturally, Instagram is also perfect for Facebook retargeting. You can successfully take advantage of your Instagram business account to post your Instagram ads right on Facebook as well.

Despite the effectiveness of Instagram, Facebook still has a few more formats to diversify your video content.

Enjoy The Variety of Video Ad Formats

Each format is unique and has its own advantages. Testing them all and finding the ones that work best for your business is another key to your success.

Facebook video ad examples — Mobile Studio

If you need some help, Facebook Mobile Studio can assist you. This platform allows you to create mobile ads right from your smartphone and learn best practices for mobile ads.

Facebook video ad examples — Creative Hub

Creative Hub lets you produce and manage ad mockups as well as launch them right in Ads Manager.

Short Videos

For videos to successfully convert, their length should be no more than 15 seconds. Short videos are optimized for Page feeds.

Vertical Videos

Take advantage of clips adjusted to fill the full screen of mobile devices.


Use the most popular format on Instagram (which you can use on Facebook as well) to tell about your product or service with an engaging plot.


Add up to 10 videos (and images) to a single merry-go-round ad.


Combine videos and photos to showcase your products in the form of a grid.

In-stream Video

Display 5- to 15-second mid-roll video ads on Facebook and the Audience Network.

360 Video

Provide users with a full visual experience and surprise VR users in your audience.

42 Best Facebook Video Ad Examples to Spark Your Creativity

Here are examples of Facebook video ads that can help you find inspiration in 2019.


Everything old is new again.

The Tide marketing team came up with a brilliant idea. They used a few popular Super Bowl ads to make their own Super Bowl commercial.

Write a hilarious monologue for David Harbour, pepper it with several cliches, and voilà! You’ve got an awesome ad in an ad.

Tide even mocked a well-known Old Spice ad.

And a typical Valentine’s Day ad.

It’s beautiful indeed. Like a meme in a meme.


Colgate is famous for saving your health:

For optimizing our water supply:

And for optimizing the Tooth Fairy’s budget:

Facebook video ad examples by Colgate show that the company actively uses special occasions to remind us about a few other important things. For example, that we should love each other:

Save our planet’s water resources:

And stay in a good mood all the time:

Don’t you agree?


Keanu Reeves hasn’t only reached nirvana, saved the world from artificial intelligence, and revealed himself as the bounty hunter who shut down an entire criminal syndicate.

He also likes motorcycles. That’s why he started a motorcycle company and created a website.

Like anything else, creating a Facebook ad successfully is all about finding your inner self.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create your own effective ad that converts.

Make it happen!


Sometimes, displaying an ad isn’t so important as creating hype around it. Unfortunately, the original Facebook video ad example was deleted but this case is still worth mentioning. You can read the whole story about how Marcos Menendez watching the Skittles ad here.

Best Facebook video ad examples — Skittles Marcos

Of course, Skittles didn’t spend its entire marketing budget on one person. Instead, by showing their standard process of testing an ad on a target group, they intrigued a Facebook live stream audience.

Skittles hit where it hurts. Curiosity is in our nature. When someone sees something and becomes excited about it, they want to see what all the excitement is about.

Here’s what Marcos Menendez has actually seen:

The mystery isn’t in what Marcos has seen. We’re wondering whether David Schwimmer was born to become part of the Skittles ad campaign or whether Skittles was invented especially to feature David Schwimmer in this ad.

We’ll never know...


One of the best German carmakers has lots of great Facebook video ad examples in their arsenal. In fact, when watching these commercials, you can read between the lines and create an ideal ad recipe for your own business.

When you think of a new high-quality ad, you should be cool in any circumstances.

Even if you’re waiting too long for your inspiration.

You should always trust your intuition and instincts, which can bring you priceless knowledge.

And don’t forget that knowledge is light.

It can flash on you at any moment with vivid colorful ideas.


We have one more amazing Facebook video ad example for you that was produced for the Super Bowl. It’s from one of Facebook’s major competitors in the advertising market starring Forest Whitaker.

The Kelly brothers, NASA space program participants, are totally comfortable with new technologies.

And we love how Harrison Ford already hates that.

As the ad description says, Harrison Ford is always up for an adventure. We should follow his example.


How often do you dream? Chasing dreams is very important if you want to achieve something in life. Toyota knows that and suggests you to chase your dream in one of their RAV4s.

We bet you'd make your dream a reality in a Toyota Supra.

These two Facebook ads prove that you can attract the attention of your audience within seconds.


Lamborghini claims that you need passion to chase your dreams and make them come true. Or in fact, you need one passionate dad and one enthusiastic son.

Unleashed dreams make the present a wonderful place and lead to the bright future where something new awaits us all.

Your Facebook ads are also dreams that can help people find their purpose.


Would you like to feel like an astronaut? Spacewalk is real. And you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to go to space. All you need is to watch this Puma Facebook video ad.

But be careful. Puma sneakers may affect your imagination...

...and make you buy an extra pair of sports shoes.


If you want to promote your business or brand using Facebook video ads, you don’t necessarily have to show your products. You can use your product and come up with something else.

Something unusual as Xiaomi Terminator Bunny.

One more great idea for your Facebook video ad is to show your product or service in action.

For example, Xiaomi tested one of their devices in Antarctica. A trip trailer looks great:

Did you like it? Watch the full video above!


If you take a look at video content posted by Intel on their Facebook Page, you'll see that their ads comply with all Facebook recommendations: fast, eye-catching, informative...

... and educative.

When you don't try to advertise but help learn something new, people appreciate it.

Saint Laurent

Sometimes, Facebook video ads look like movie trailers...

... or teasers.

Tease your Facebook audience!

Kitchen Aid

Producing Facebook video ads is like cooking. It's not about ingredients, it's about your passion and imagination.

Kitchen Aid got the idea and produced lots of wonderful videos on their Facebook Page.

Don't hesitate to visit it for more great examples!

Facebook Video Ads Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Let’s show a few examples of Facebook video ads produced by AI.

The Softcube neural network uses existing footage, cuts the best scenes from it, compiles these scenes, add a packshot, and renders the result.

All of these examples were launched on Facebook at different times.

Asus VivoBook Flip

BlackBerry Priv

Blackview BV6000

Canon EOS

Apple iPad Mini 4

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Final Cut

An engaging video ad is like a movie. Sometimes, it’s better to tell a story. But in most cases, it’s enough to tell about a product or service at its best within 15 seconds.

To be successful in 2019, think like a mobile user and create your ad in a way so that people will understand it without words.

You can test our artificial intelligence if you’re interested in boosting your own video ad results.

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