Knowing how to make effective Facebook ads is the holy grail of Facebook marketing. However, you don’t have to search for this grail. It’s waiting for you to take it. Let’s do this together right now, shall we?

As of December 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users. To direct their attention to your business, you should drive your own attention to the fundamentals.

The Heart of Successful Facebook Campaigns

Before discussing how to create an effective Facebook ad…


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10 Tricks for Creating Effective Facebook Ads

10 Tricks for Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Knowing how to make effective Facebook ads is the holy grail of Facebook marketing. However, you don’t have to search for this grail. It’s waiting for you to take it. Let’s do this together right now, shall we?

As of December 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion monthly active users. To direct their attention to your business, you should drive your own attention to the fundamentals.

The Heart of Successful Facebook Campaigns

Before discussing how to create an effective Facebook ad campaign, let’s figure out what makes effective campaigns effective.

Think Mobile

Here’s one clue for you — mobile is successfully invading the internet. Just take a look at this chart:

Creating effective Facebook Ads — Mobile revenue growth

According to Statista, over 90% of social network ad revenue comes from mobile advertising. That means that the majority of users scroll their News Feeds and chat with friends using their smartphones (sometimes tablets).

If you don’t know how to advertise on Facebook effectively, the first thing to pay attention to is creating mobile-friendly ads.

Advertise on Instagram

If we consider Facebook the king of social media marketing, Instagram is the prince of this kingdom. As of June 2018, Instagram had over 1 billion monthly active users.

Creating effective Facebook Ads — Instagram mobile revenue

Instagram mobile ad revenue in the United States reached one-third of Facebook’s total mobile ad revenue.

Most Facebook users have an account on Instagram. That’s why using both platforms together for displaying your ads may be a good idea.

Another bonus is that you can link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, create posts on Instagram, and share them to Facebook in one click.

Read Success Stories

There are over 6 million active Facebook advertisers. Why not analyze their experience?

Success Stories is a case study website where you can get useful statistical data and inspiration for your own campaigns.

You can find case studies that interest you by filtering by business size, objective, industry, product, and region.

Creating effective Facebook ads — success stories

There are case studies from world-famous brands, medium-sized businesses, and startups you’ve never heard about.

We bet if you search for an ad campaign with the same goals as your company, you’ll find one in the Success Stories.

And if you need more inspiration, you can also check out examples of the ten best Facebook ad campaigns published by Apple, Burger King, LEGO, Tiffany, and other well-known companies.

How to Make a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Now that you know the fundamentals, let’s review the subject in more detail.

Here are ten useful tips for creating an effective Facebook ad campaign for your business.

Tip 1. Pick Marketing Objectives That Correspond Your Needs

Setting an objective is the first thing to do when creating an ad campaign. You already know your business goals, don’t you? Do you want to increase your sales? Or maybe your website lacks visitors?

You can pick your marketing objective in one click.

Creating effective Facebook Ads — marketing objectives

If you put all available digital marketing objectives in a pyramid, it will have three levels:

  1. Awareness. The first level includes objectives for businesses that want more people to know about them.
  2. Consideration. The second level includes objectives for businesses that want users to engage with them.
  3. Conversion. The third level includes objectives for businesses that want potential customers to become actual customers.

If you’re grappling with how to make a good Facebook ad, remember one simple rule — don’t focus on one objective. Choose marketing objectives from all three groups to make your campaigns truly effective.

Tip 2. Choose Ad Placements Depending on Your Goal

Have you already used Google Ads for business promotion? Then you know that Google has a large ad network.

Facebook has its own family of apps and services, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. You can use two options when it comes to choosing your placements:

  • Automatic Placements. The system delivers your ad to the placements where it will perform best based on your budget and your ad content.
  • Edit Placements. You set placements manually, which may reduce your post reach but may also save your budget.

Which option should you choose? It depends on your goal. If you want to increase your brand awareness, the first option will be a great choice.

Creating effective Facebook Ads — ad placements

But sometimes it’s effective to set placements by hand — for example, when you want to get more Page Likes on Facebook. Not to mention that you can segment audiences by device type (desktop, mobile) and operating system (iOS, Android).

Tip 3. Learn How to Bid and Allocate Your Budget Effectively

Effective Facebook ads pay their way. The linchpin of effectiveness is good ROI, which you can reach by wisely spending your budget.

For each company and each campaign, the budget will be different. Still, the amount of money you spend is only half the battle. The cost of campaigns is also affected by other factors.

Creating effective Facebook Ads — bid strategy

We’ve already published a guide to the cost of Facebook advertising. You’re welcome to check it out if you want to know the factors that define the cost of ads, get details about bidding strategies and buying types, and learn how to reduce the cost of Facebook ads.

Tip 4. Set The Right Ad Quality Standard

If you want to learn how to create effective Facebook ads, make high-quality content the stumbling rock of your success.

An ad consists of three main ingredients: a headline, some text, and an image. The recipe is simple: write text from your heart (but keep your mind cool), design a picture or video that attracts attention, and spice it up with a few tags. Done!

By the way, if you have some raw video footage, we’d love to help you create 10 awesome video ads using artificial intelligence.

Tip 5. Use Different Ad Formats

Creating effective Facebook ads means creating ads in different formats.

There are a variety of ad formats, originating from two major types of ads: image and video. When creating your ads, you can focus solely on one ad type or combine both in the same ad.

Experiments bear fruit. Naturally, both images and videos have their benefits, which you shouldn’t ignore.

People love videos, and online stores successfully use them to boost conversions. However, images can be effective as well when used in the right way.

Examine all available formats of Facebook ads to find the best format for your business. Some formats are aimed at reaching specific objectives. For example, Lead Ads are perfect if you want to drive users to your website or landing page using pre-made forms.

With Carousel Ads, you can add up to ten videos and images to one post. This is a must-try format for any online retailer.

If you offer hundreds or thousands of products, you should set up Dynamic Ads and test them for a while. A Dynamic Ads campaign is fully automated. You need to launch it just once.

If it doesn’t grow your sales, you can turn it off at any moment. Keep in mind that you’ll have to add a Facebook Pixel to your website to activate Dynamic Ads.

Tip 6. Set Up a Pixel to Get More Accurate Statistics

A Facebook Pixel is JavaScript code that you add to your website.

The primary reason why you should add a Pixel (aside from enabling Dynamic Ads) is to track users who come from the social network.

Creating effective Facebook ads — Facebook Pixel

Every time a user takes some action (an event) on your website, the Pixel detects this information (a conversion) and sends it to Ads Manager and the Analytics Dashboard.

The Pixel code is necessary for creating one more awesome advertising instrument — Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences consist of people who have visited your website. You can segment these visitors and retarget them based on the events tracked by the Pixel.

Tip 7. Retarget Your Audience

The main challenge isn’t how to make a good Facebook ad and raise the effectiveness of your campaign but how to get people back after they see this ad. It’s no secret that there will always be people who leave your website no matter how hard you try.

Is your ad showing bad results? Launch a remarketing campaign! Find out why the ad isn’t working as it should be and offer customers something that will get them back.

You can also take advantage of cross-platform remarketing. In one of our previous articles, we wrote about how to use Facebook Ads and Google Ads together to return your leads and convert them.

Tip 8. Post Your Publications at The Right Time

When asking yourself how to effectively use Facebook ads, schedule them for a particular time. Many companies practice this strategy. Let’s give an example.

If you go to the Hubspot Page, you’ll notice that the Hubspot marketing team publishes their posts at 6 PM. Here’s a screenshot of their post about Voldemorting in SEO:

Creating effective Facebook ads — SEO Voldemorting

It’s up to you what time to choose for your publications. The trick is to find a perfect range. Who is your audience? Would they be pleased with a post on Saturday night, when News Feeds are almost empty?

Or maybe you could take your chance on Thursday when people feel positive and are looking forward to the weekend?

Tip 9. Boost Posts That Gain Traction

Aside from participating in ad auctions, you can also boost popular posts in your Facebook Timeline.

The other day we published a post that contains a video originally made by our AI for the second biggest marketplace in Ukraine. Of course, it’s not so popular as it would seem. That’s not the point.

The point is that Facebook was already there, recommending that we boost that video.

Creating effective Facebook Ads —

You should try to boost any post of yours sometime, not necessarily for the recommended price but for any price you wish. The return on investment may be surprising.

Tip 10. Get Your Blueprint Certificate

The best way to remember all of these tips is to enroll in Facebook Blueprint, an online training platform that consists of three separate parts:

  1. Blueprint eLearning includes over 90 free courses on Facebook and Instagram marketing basics. Each course is self-paced, which makes learning comfortable for anyone.
  2. Blueprint Live is offline workshops held in different cities all around the world by experienced instructors. To participate, you have to get an invitation from a Facebook marketing partner.
  3. A Blueprint Certificate shows that you’re a real advertising expert by verifying your professional skills. To earn a certificate, you have to pass any of several exams. The exams are paid, but in return you receive an official certificate and badge.

Even if you’re too busy with your business, you should take at least a few eLearning courses to improve your knowledge in some advertising aspects or to get new experience.

Let’s Conclude

  • Set the right objectives
  • Pick the right placements
  • Allocate your budget
  • Create high-quality content for your ads
  • Use multiple ad formats
  • Install a tracking Pixel
  • Take advantage of retargeting
  • Boost popular publications
  • Learn something new with Blueprint

Don’t forget to read the Success Stories, keep a focus on Instagram, and be mobile-oriented. And if you need video ads for an image-sized budget, test our artificial intelligence platform now.

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