7 Facebook Video Ad Best Practices for 2020

7 Facebook Video Ad Best Practices for 2020

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Fact about video ads #1: Users watch more online video than ever. 

Fact about video ads #2: Quick-witted advertisers take advantage of fact #1.

Indeed, businesses don’t hesitate to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Facebook video marketing. In just several years, Facebook is anticipated to generate nearly $10 billion in annual revenue from video ads alone.

Facebook video ad best practices — Google inquiry

And if you google “Facebook video ads,” you’ll notice that while businesses are asking how to create effective Facebook video ads, the most burning question from users is How can I get rid of video ads on Facebook?

Your dilemma is how to make sure people won’t google that question after watching one of your Facebook video ads.

7 Facebook Video Ad Best Practices for 2020

Facebook video ad production is tricky if you’re only getting started. 

You need to test different Facebook video ad formats, follow video ad specifications, learn about marketing objectives in Ads Manager, and consider many other factors to be successful with your ad campaigns.

However, while ads are unique for every business, the best practices for making video ads are rather universal. 

Here are the Facebook video ad best practices you need to grasp in 2020.

1. Experiment a Lot

Even if you know your target audience pretty well, testing your video campaigns won’t hurt your business. 

Experiments allow you to understand possible pitfalls, get unique insights, and find new ways of achieving your business goals. When it comes to video ads on Facebook and best practices, this is the first thing you should remember.

2. Always Check for New Video Ad Examples

Digital video has never been so popular. This popularity provokes fierce competition and makes creators come up with new ideas for their video content every day.

To be in the loop and succeed in Facebook video marketing, you should keep an eye on digital video production trends and watch a lot of video ads by world-famous brands, industry leaders, and competitors.

3. Optimize for No Sound

According to Facebook, nearly 80% of users watch videos without sound. People have gotten used to scrolling their feeds and watching Facebook videos on the go. Let them understand the idea of your video even when they can’t hear it.

4. Think Like a Smartphone User

Yes, this is one of the most obvious Facebook video ad tips; however, it’s crucial.

According to Statista, more than half of all digital video traffic is from smartphones and tablets. That’s why it makes sense that you should create video ads with mobile in mind.

5. Make an Impression within the First 3 Seconds

Modern viewers don’t watch videos for too long. That’s why the best Facebook video ads are short.

Desktop users need 2 to 3 seconds to form a positive or negative opinion of an ad, while mobile users need only 0.4 seconds. That’s why you should capture viewers’ interest as quickly as possible.

6. Use a 15-second Video Ad Standard

Facebook recommends advertisers make videos that are 15 seconds or shorter. When ads are this short, people are more likely to watch them till the end and complete your marketing objective. 

Hundreds of video ad campaigns on Facebook have been launched with the help of Softcube, which has proved that Facebook recommendations really work:

Here’s an example of one of the best video ads on Facebook made by our artificial intelligence engine:

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7. Use Video to Advertise on Facebook Organically

If you want to take advantage of Facebook video marketing for your business, here’s one of the most powerful Facebook video advertising tips: You don’t necessarily have to allocate a budget for it.

One of the advantages of Facebook as an advertising platform is that you can advertise your company free of charge along with launching paid video ad campaigns.

There are lots of ways to attract new customers using free video on Facebook. For example, you can publish different kinds of videos on your News Feed, launch Facebook Live broadcasts, make Stories, and do much more.

2020 Is the Year of Facebook Video Ads

Now that you know the basics of Facebook video advertising and the best practices for creating amazing ads for your business, you’re ready to start changing the world of Facebook marketing.

Always remember to experiment with your video ads, optimize them to be watched without sound, keep them short, create an impression within the first milliseconds, and boost your business on Facebook using video for free.

We hope Facebook video advertising will bring you lots of good results in 2020. That’s why we you should test Softcube artificial intelligence for your Facebook ad campaign.

Good luck!