15 Best Product Video Ads You’d Love to Make Yourself

15 Best Product Video Ads You’d Love to Make Yourself

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Creating the best product video ads is tough. To create a video ad, you need to

    1. come up with an idea;
    2. record footage;
    3. edit this footage;
    4. … and render it.

Whether you’re a professional video editor in a big marketplace or a marketer in a small online store, you’ll have to repeat this process hundreds of times.

People watch more videos year by year. Product video ads are the most common videos on Facebook, YouTube, and other online channels. Customers examine products through video ads. And some of them buy right after watching these ads.

An effective video ad has the following characteristics:

Short and Silent

The shorter your video ad, the better. The recommended video length is no longer than 15 seconds on Facebook, 30 seconds on YouTube, and 180 seconds on Google. Keep in mind that most Facebook users watch videos with no sound. So create a video ad that will be perfectly understandable visually.

Perfectly Understandable

Add text to every video. Text makes silent videos speak. Along with other visuals, it elevates the story and sheds light on all the details customers need to know about a product.

Dynamic Editing

Cut the scenes in your video wisely. Dynamic editing keeps your audience interested in the product. This technique turns boring shots into engaging footage. Here’s an example of a dynamic video ad made by Softcube.

Best Product Video Ad Examples

Need more examples? Check out our best product video ads list. We’ve collected 15 video ads from different companies and brands. Happy viewing!

FlowMotion: FlowMotion One

Today, anyone can become a professional filmmaker using a smartphone. However, shaking is still a challenge during video recording.

FlowMotion announced the end of shaky videos with its release of the FlowMotion ONE stabilizer. The startup has raised $1.3 million, made it into the top 150 Kickstarter projects of all time, and sold over 25,000 stabilizers to customers.

It’s no wonder this team knows how to produce engaging product videos. After recording a video ad using their own stabilizer, the FlowMotion team applied an invisible cut technique to creatively move between scenes.

GoPro: HERO 7

GoPro is another shaky video killer on our list. Using its deadly weapon, the GoPro HERO 7, the company made one of the best product introduction videos ever. Underscored by upbeat EDM music, a quick epic montage highlights all the new features of the seventh-generation GoPro.

In less than two minutes, you can enjoy footage recorded in the middle of diving, snowboarding, helicopter flying, bike riding, yachting, racing, hiking, rollercoaster riding, kayaking, skating, surfing, and traveling.

Boosted Boards

Based in California, Boosted is a company founded by three classmates who were too lazy to walk around campus. So they invented an electric skateboard.

Some of you might have already heard about Boosted boards from Casey Neistat, a popular YouTuber and entrepreneur who uses them to maneuver in New York City’s crazy traffic.

If you haven’t seen Casey riding a Boosted board, check out another guy cruising down Battery Street in San Francisco. This video ad demonstrates the board’s full potential in action.


Any guitarists reading this article? In fact, you don’t have to play guitar to enjoy this video. It will please the eyes of anyone who likes satisfying videos. In this video ad, Gibson, one of the world’s top guitar manufacturers, gives a sneak peek at the Holy of Holies.

Meet PLEK, a machine that levels frets with an accuracy of 001. Let’s admit it. Sometimes computers can do a better job than humans. In Gibson’s case, technological advancement does a lot of good, even when it comes to creating handmade masterpieces.

Lacoste: Polo Savoir Faire

Speaking of machines that help businesses in manufacturing, Lacoste also shows how automation provides efficiency. If you’ve ever wondered how a Lacoste crocodile is sewn, here’s an awesome Facebook video ad for you:

As the video description says, straight to the point. We couldn’t agree more.

KFC: Big Finale

Is it a good idea to try hot honey chicken? KFC tried to answer this question by transforming its brand face for a new product campaign. In this seven-second video ad, Colonel Sanders turns into Colonel Honey to present KFC Hot Honey as a tremendous event in the world of fast food.

A platform with a plate on it. Lights. Fireworks. What could be better to draw customers’ attention?

HP Sprocket: Summer Adventures

HP has developed the Polaroid of the 21st century — a pocket printer that can instantly print photos from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Ben Charman and Will Thompson, the creators of this ad, used an action transition technique, some video and audio effects, and a sand background to show the beauty of summer adventures.

Old Spice: Mask

The Old Spice marketing team knows the formula for creating a top product video advertisement. We bet you remember the series of viral Old Spice video ads starring Terry Crews. This big guy can easily promote any Old Spice product, except for one. Can you imagine Terry with endlessly handsome hair?

Every man is a mystery. A woman should take off several masks to see a man’s mysterious eyes. And don’t forget to buy him a hair care product.


Instead of filming a video, Apple’s major rival on the smartphone market drew its ad. Samsung presented the new superpowered Note and its features using its own product and a stylus.

Tesla Motors

If someone were to offer you the choice between a Lamborghini and a Tesla, which car would you choose? We present you with the most epic car battle in the world between the Tesla Model X’s dance and the Lambo’s thunder. This is an example of a good promotional video made without any visuals, effects, or filters.

Colgate: Every Drop Counts

The best product videos are those that bring value. Businesses can use their influence on society not only to increase profits but also to make people’s lives better.

Fact: Colgate was the first toothpaste in a collapsible tube.

That’s why companies join different events, campaigns, social movements to draw attention to particular problems or topics.

Colgate recommends that everyone turn off the faucet when brushing their teeth. If you follow this recommendation, you’ll save over 60 glasses of water each time.

Barbie: The Dream Gap Project

Since its first appearance in 1959, Barbie has been a fashion icon. When Barbie was first released, women could either stand on a podium or be full-time mothers.

Today, Barbie encourages women to stand up for their rights, dispel this image, and prove that a modern lady can fulfill her dreams by becoming anyone she wants to be. Barbie has manufactured a set of dolls dedicated to the most outstanding women in history:

  • Frida Kahlo, fine artist
  • Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer
  • Patty Jenkins, filmmaker
  • Nicola Adams Obe, boxing champion
  • Ibtihaj Muhammad, fencing champion
  • And others

As for the video ad, it’s very cute. This kind of content helps us keep faith in the world we live in.

Huggies: Hugg On

If you’re a father, you’ll definitely like this video ad from Huggies. While taking a break in a park, the protagonist looks after his baby. Feeling the support of another dad running nearby, he finally makes it — the diaper has been changed. Celebrating his triumph, the father imitates Freddie Mercury’s signature move. Changing diapers without a hitch is always a victory, isn’t it?

Just imagine a sports commentator on this commercial. And at the moment when the father lifts his kid up in the air, we hear We Are the Champions, the most iconic Queen song. Perfect.


With a $200 million budget, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 pulled in over $860 million in total. Skittles helped Marvel hit the box office by launching its video ads on the most popular social media platforms.

It’s probably possible to make any kind of image using Skittles candies. For example, you can draw Star-Lord’s mask. But a mask made from sweets doesn’t look so impressive without animation. That’s why video designers decided to animate the entire creation process. Looks great.

DJI: World Record Solo

Drones have brought about a revolution in video production. No more shots taken from moving cranes. No more panorama scenes taken from helicopters. Drone cameras open the door to amateur filmmakers and help professionals save money.

DJI is a technology company that offers unmanned aerial vehicles, cameras, stabilizers, accessories, and software for consumers and enterprises.

Creating amazing video ads for this company isn’t a problem at all. DJI’s both target audiences can enjoy videos directly captured by their products. For example, the footage of Spencer Seabrooke’s world record.

How to Launch Best Product Ads Fast and at Scale

The best product launch videos increase ROI significantly. However, it takes time to create high-quality video content. That’s why the Softcube team has developed an AI for creating video ads at scale and in a matter of hours. You can test Softcube AI platform for your Facebook ad campaign right now.