How to Advertise on Facebook for Free and Wisely

How to Advertise on Facebook for Free and Wisely

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Want to know how to advertise on Facebook for free? Bravo! Free advertising sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s real and it’s really effective when combined with targeted ads.

According to Statista, promoted social media posts are the leading method of paid content distribution among B2B marketers in North America, while Facebook is the leading social network in the world.

How to Advertise on Facebook for Free — 8 Priceless Tips

When creating Facebook ads in Ads Manager, you need to choose the right marketing objective, target the right audience, pick the right placements, set the right budget and bid strategy, and come up with powerful text and appealing creatives. 

At first, this may sound puzzling. But you’ll get it right after you run a few ad campaigns. 

However, what if you want to learn how to advertise on Facebook without paying? To accomplish that, you’ll need to boost your Facebook community organically, which is a totally different story. 

Here are eight tips to successfully advertise on Facebook for free:

Tip 1. Surprise Visitors with an Eye-Catching Cover

Your cover image is the first thing that will catch the eyes of visitors to your Facebook Page.

In the context of free advertising on Facebook, your cover image plays the role of a billboard, which you can place, edit, and change at any time for free.

This image forms the composition of the entire Page, making it more vivid and attractive to your audience.

Here are the best practices for a cover image:

  1. Let your cover image complement other elements of your Page such as the like, follow, and share buttons on the left, the call-to-action buttons on the right, and especially your Page’s profile picture.
  2. Consider adding branding to make it easier for viewers to associate your cover image with your business. However, don’t go too far, and keep in mind that the best place for your logo is in your Page’s profile picture.
  3. If you want to add text, keep it short and use a call to action to shape your message.

Keep in mind that you can add a video instead of a photo to achieve a more powerful effect:

If you want to create a high-quality Page cover and you lack inspiration, take a look at some of the best Facebook Pages managed by the world’s top brands. Looking at examples of compelling cover images and videos can inspire you and help you find something useful for your own Page cover.

Tip 2. Be Original When Adding Your Business Information

You’ve already filled in the About tab on your Facebook Business Page, haven’t you? But have you done it right?

There are two things you need to know to promote your business on Facebook for free using only your business info.

First of all, you should fill in all the fields related to your company.

Along with providing a business category, founding date, contact details, and other basic info, diversify the information in your About tab with more details. For example, set your hours, add awards, specify products, enumerate milestones, etc.

Second, you should write out of the box.

Some fields require text. Instead of writing formal texts for the sake of appearance, be creative and passionate when telling about your company, its mission, and its activities. Make your texts short, to the point, and personal.

Read how Coca-Cola describes themselves on their Facebook Page:

How to advertise on Facebook for free — Coca Cola

Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Do your best to sound the same way. That’s exactly what’s called out-of-the-box writing.

When thinking up how to create free ads on Facebook, pay special attention to the Our Story section. In fact, Our Story is a free ad you can add to your Page to make it more informative and eye-catching.

How to advertise on Facebook for free — Mango story

The Our Story section allows you to introduce your business to all Facebook users who’d like to join your community and become your customers without creating targeted ads.

Tip 3. Add a Call-to-Action Button at the Top

A call-to-action button is one more significant element your Facebook Page should have.

This button allows visitors to buy products, book services, get more information about your business, contact you, or download your mobile app.

How to advertise on Facebook for free — use app button

Here’s the full list of buttons you can add to your Page:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Send Message
  • Call Now
  • Sign Up
  • Send Email
  • Watch Video
  • Learn More
  • Shop Now
  • See Offers
  • Use App
  • Play Game

Additionally, you can use your Page button when launching a sponsored ad in the form of a single image, video, or slideshow.

Tip 4. Let Facebook Users Leave Recommendations and Reviews

Wondering how to promote ads on Facebook for free? One great idea to consider is encouraging your Facebook community to leave recommendations and reviews about your business. Isn’t that great?

How to advertise on Facebook for free — MacDonald's reviews

Benefits of reviews and recommendations:

  1. People can share their opinion, which is crucial in the age of online freedom and publicity. Customers believe more in a brand they review.
  2. You can receive feedback about your business, the quality of your service, and other important details you won’t find anywhere else.

Reviews and recommendations are the free advertising you’re looking for. The cool thing about it is that people produce these free ads for you.

Tip 5. Answer Comments and Give Rise to Discussion

While people give recommendations about companies and write reviews about their customer experience only after companies sell their products or services, communication in comments affects everyone.

When people leave comments on Facebook and a company or brand answers them personally, it means a lot. This is why comments are one of the best types of free Facebook ads.

How to advertise on Facebook for free — comments

Also, don’t forget that people go to Facebook, in the first place, to communicate.

Almost every answer made by businesses in the comments section generates a new thread of comments, which sometimes can be very long.

And every discussion, in one way or another, plays into the hands of the business that starts it. 

Tip 6. Sell Products in Your Own Facebook Shop

Does your company sell products online? We have good news for you. Another tip for how to run Facebook ads for free is to open a Facebook Shop.

How to advertise on Facebook for free — Facebook Shop

After you add a shop to your Page, your customers will be able to buy your products in a fully-featured online store that leads them to your website.

Every item in a Facebook Shop looks like a real ad with a title, price, photo, product details, comments, and link to your website.

How to advertise on Facebook for free — shop item

Note that Facebook Shops offer different features for merchants from different locations. 

Still, no matter where you are you can add an unlimited number of products, manage your product showcase, be in touch with your customers by asking questions, and monitor the number of product views, clicks, and purchases.

Tip 7. Use Messaging to Keep in Touch with Customers

A Messenger chat is another way to advertise your business, products, or services on your Facebook Page for free.

Chat functionality allows your business to do everything to not only start and maintain communication with Facebook users in real time but turn them into new customers by answering their questions and handling requests.

How to advertise on Facebook for free — live chat

You can chat with Facebook users manually as a Page moderator, editor, or admin, or you can do so automatically by building a chatbot.

Tip 8. Use Facebook Video Ads Made by AI

Do you know what works the best for marketing on Facebook? Free advertising for small businesses, medium-sized companies, and big brands in the form of videos!

Yes, you read that right. At Softcube, we see how companies benefit from Facebook video ads every day. And we want your business to feel those benefits too. 

That’s why we’re offering you to take advantage of our artificial intelligence and boost your business on Facebook faster than ever.