5 Tips to Boost Conversions with Email Automation

5 Tips to Boost Conversions with Email Automation

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Automated marketing campaigns take little time to create and manage and yield good revenues at the same time.

However, if you truly want to maximize their impact, you have to be creative and do your best to stand out among competitors.

Many eCommerce businesses don’t stick to a creative approach: they use generic templates and trigger workflows in their marketing campaigns.

This leads to subscribers receiving similar content from different brands. No wonder that subscribers quickly lose their interest in such emails.

Therefore, if you want to make your bulk email campaigns as effective as they can be, you need to come up with something new.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you five tips that help increase the conversion rates for your triggered emails.

Tip 1. Use Subscription Confirmation Emails to Increase Conversion Rates

Double-opt-in (DOI) sign-up method helps companies secure themselves at the very beginning of communication with clients.

The subscription confirmation emails that are sent to clients after they enter their emails in the subscription form usually look very simple: the recipients only need to click one button without being distracted by the details.

Email automation — subscription confirmation

Keeping it simple here is definitely a good option. However, you can still try being more creative when it comes to a subscription confirmation page.

Users, who are redirected there, usually receive the standard ‘You’ve been subscribed’ message that doesn’t encourage them to continue shopping. 

How can you change that? By offering them a convenient way to continue shopping, like in the example below.

Email automation — subscription confirmed

You can also try other things: offer a discount code right on a subscription confirmation page, come up with a more compelling CTAs, and so on.

Doing that will encourage your new subscribers to spend more time on your website, to memorize it better, and maybe even to purchase something.

Tip 2. Use a Few Communication Channels Together

Cart abandonment campaigns encourage customers to buy the products they had left in their shopping carts. Therefore, such campaigns can benefit e-commerce businesses by bringing them good revenue.

However, they can become even more effective when you use a few communication channels for that.

Email automation — communication channels

This is as simple as can be: when a customer received an abandoned cart notification from a few different communication channels (emails and web push notifications in this case), they feel more encouraged to return and complete their purchase.

Tip 3. Optimize the Design of Your Triggered Emails

Just like we’ve mentioned before, many businesses stick to standard design templates for all types of triggered emails.

However, if you want to improve conversion rates, you need to make sure your emails stand out. Design is one of the easiest ways to achieve that.

Here’s how you can achieve that.

Create an email with attractive banner instead of a standard template

Here’s how a standard cart abandonment email can look like.

Email automation — standard banner

It looks nice; however, it doesn’t attract as much attention as this one.

Email automation — Ralph Lauren

Both banners encourage you to return and complete your purchase. The latter, however, looks more appealing and also looks great even on mobile phones.

Place a banner with current sales offer in the email footer

Some people don’t receive your promotional emails but still can be tempted to buy something.

Email automation — current sales offer

Adding banners with current special offers to the triggered emails can help you make them look more exciting and encourage this segment of your audience to make a purchase.

Make product recommendations look like a part of your customer service

Sure, product recommendations are based on you monitoring the customers’ activity on your website. However, there’s no need to emphasize that. 

Email automation — offer from stylists

Instead, try to present such recommendations as your way to offer something useful to your customers, to care for them. Here’s how it can look like.

Tip 4. Turn Your Cart Abandonment Campaign Into a Sales Funnel

Cart abandonment campaigns don’t have to be aggressive. You can set up a series of emails that gently pull the recipients towards making a purchase.

Email automation — sales funnel

In this case, the first email showcases the products a customer viewed and offers stylist’s recommendations.

The second email is promotional and contains product cards.

The third one showcases the products that were added to cart and also provides a promo code for their purchase.

Tip 5. Make Your Reactivation Emails Discreet

Just like with product recommendations, you don’t need to make your customer retention efforts too visible.

Phrases like ‘It’s Been a While’ and ‘We Miss You’ often demonstrate that clearly and also have become a cliche already. 

Email automation — promocode

Is there an alternative to that? Yes. For instance, you can offer your customers a discount, the percentage of which will depend on how long they didn’t make a purchase.


It’s hard to make your automated marketing campaigns successful if you stick to the same approach you used months ago.

You need to constantly monitor new trends, adopt new strategies, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Doing so will help you improve the conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns.