How to Boost Facebook Pages with Email Signatures

How to Boost Facebook Pages with Email Signatures

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Facebook is the most famous social network that still keeps its popularity even with Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok embracing the market.

Email signatures — Facebook daily active users

Any company that doesn’t have a Facebook Business Page misses a huge branding opportunity.

If people would check out each other’s profiles before, nowadays it’s more about checking out whether the company has one. Promoting your Facebook Page with email signatures is undoubtedly a useful marketing direction to take.

Can email signature marketing increase the number of Facebook followers?

An email signature is a universal way to promote digital content. Professional signatures are usually coded in HTML, which allows including pretty much anything to the footer of your email.

With your personal photo and contact information conveniently added to a signature, social media icons look as they are meant to be in your email footer.

Email signatures — Keith Carlisle

Most people are used to seeing some social icons at the end of online content anyway. Thus, it’s definitely a good idea to use them in your signature.

Every recipient of your email will be able to check out your Facebook Page. In the long run, this leads to more visitors and more followers.

With more than 50 million small business Pages on Facebook, you have to be both creative and consistent enough with your marketing efforts to survive the competition. And email signature marketing is a huge lifeline in this regard.

With about 120 emails each person receives daily, every single one is an opportunity to promote your Facebook Page. Especially if your employees have similar corporate email signatures.

These could be hundreds of thousands of Facebook Page ads embedded in everyday email correspondence.

How do you create an email signature?

Indeed, a simple text like ‘Cheers, Frank’ is not enough to promote your Facebook account. You need to be more creative with your emails.

Using sophisticated templates lessens the human look of your emails, but an email signature is always there. So, write simple emails using a professional email signature.

You can visualize an email footer with some pictures but be careful. Adding large files to your email increases the chances of it getting to spam. Also, some email clients simply block images. 

Email signatures — Newoldstamp tool

You should use HTML to create an email signature. And if you don’t know how to code or you need more than a couple of signatures, use an online tool, like Newoldstamp.

An online email signature generator helps you create and store all your signatures in one place. So, you can make different ones for all of your departments.

All the data, along with pictures, is stored on dedicated servers. You won’t have to worry about it being correctly displayed.

Moreover, Newoldstamp’s embedded analytics show how good your signatures are doing.

Using a basic social media icon

So, you can always add 3-5 social media icons to your email signature, including Facebook. It does look natural and not too pushy, which is kind of what people expect to see. Also, social icons are really easy to use.

Email signatures — Tennyson Sargent

With a professional email signature generator, you can pick an icon you need, choose its shape and color, and add a link in a few seconds. Make sure all of your employees have a Facebook icon liked to your corporate profile in their signatures.

Adding a CTA button to your email signature

Now, if promoting your Facebook account is more than a secondary marketing goal, consider using a call-to-action. With Newoldstamp, you can add one as a link or a whole button.

The first option looks human and doesn’t take too much space of your signature. As for the button, it looks much more persuading and eye-catching.

Email signatures — Kasey Winchester

The thing is, CTAs make people feel the need to click a link. Right words can make any button look promising and engaging.

As for Facebook, if somebody finds you, your company, or the content you send in emails interesting, make it easier for them to learn more about you. Add a call-to-action saying ‘Follow us on Facebook.’

In fact, with up to 5% click-through-rate, a company of 10 people can get about 60 profile visitors per day. If at least half of them subscribe, you get 900 new followers per month. Wow!

Creating a promo banner with a link to your Facebook account

The most prominent part of an email signature is a banner. It takes almost half of free space in an email footer, which lets you be creative and add pretty much anything there.

Instead of just saying ‘Like our page,’ you can create a more specific banner. For example, if you have a live event coming up, create it on Facebook, and advertise it through banners.

Email signatures — Lovell Reeve

Another case is promoting a single post with an email signature banner.

Email signatures — Curt Jephson

For instance, there was an important update regarding your company that you notified everybody about on Facebook. So, you can make a custom banner that specifically promotes this post.

Using banner campaigns

The best way of using email signatures for Facebook is banner campaigns. These allow you to create multiple banners and schedule them changing each other over time.

So, adding posts to your social media marketing calendar, you can add particular banners to the campaign. Each time new content is posted, you can change a banner as well.

In this way, you will always keep your recipients informed of important things mentioned on Facebook.


Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing channels. Many companies use it to promote their products and services or keep their users engaged.

With all its benefits, one should make sure their Facebook Page is being used to its full potential.

Email signature marketing is also a powerful channel that helps you promote any kind of online content with every email sent.

Especially if you represent a whole company where every employee sends lots of emails daily.

Promoting your Facebook Page with email signatures can help you get lots of engagements, new followers, leads, and clients. You just need to make sure your signature looks professional and interesting enough.