47 Instagram Ads Examples to Awake Your Creativity

In the social media universe, Instagram is a relatively young galaxy.

And while this universe is expanding rapidly, the Instagram galaxy is giving birth to myriads of shining stars, from low-mass objects to supergiants. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

And of course, there are millions of planets eagerly waiting to be discovered!

Want your planet to be discovered with the help of some heavenly Instagram advertising?

Don’t hesitate to wear your space suit and check out some of the most brilliant Instagram ads examples you’ve ever seen.

47 Great Instagram Ad Examples to Enhance Your Creativity

In this article, we’ve collected well-designed promotional posts published by Instagram accounts of recognized influencers, businesses, and brands. They belong to different industries and niches.


If you’re looking for new ways of creating Instagram ads, the official Instagram account is the first place to visit. Instagram has the most followers on its own platform. The Instagram account promotes creators of all sorts who post non-commercial yet very inspirational images.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has the second most popular account on Instagram. He earns more money from Instagram sponsored posts than from soccer. Here’s an example of how he does that.


The Tesla Roadster accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in a few seconds. However, it sounds a bit different than a traditional sports car.


Publishing photos of animals and collaborating with other creators is a common practice on Instagram both for creators and businesses. In this post, Sony presented the purrfect pair of Suki, a traveling bengal cat with nearly 4 million followers on Instagram, and Sony Animal Eye AF.


Continuing with the animal topic, we decided to show you a cute Instagram ad example of a dog promoting a Levi’s jeans jacket.

Netflix Film

To get inside the customer’s mind, businesses have always mixed marketing and psychology. On one of their accounts, Netflix created one of the best Instagram ads examples where good and the evil meet each other inside Anthony Hopkins.

Louis Vuitton

Notably, Louis Vuitton uses their Instagram account to recall promotional campaigns run in the past. The portrait you see above was featured in 2011. Known not only for her movie career but also for her humanitarian work, Angelina Jolie has proved that beauty can save the world.


You can take advantage of multiple Instagram ad formats to make a good impression on people and fulfill your business goals. But sometimes, even a simple animated image can do more than that.


First, you can dedicate your ads and publications on Instagram to any special occasion. Second, professional photography (even with a smartphone) still works. That’s a decent alternative to photos with filters, stickers, and other Instagram enhancements.


Nissan published one of the best Instagram Carousel ad examples that shows one of the simplest ways to benefit from this format — dividing one image into two or more parts.


If you want to create a Carousel ad or post, another approach is storytelling. Storytellers from Pixar always have a short but surprising story to share, especially on Instagram.

Adidas Originals

There are endless ways to present your products or services on Instagram. For example, Adidas Originals creatively highlighted one of the materials used for their sneakers.


Genius advertising ideas are always simple. Here’s how McDonald’s associated their brand colors with the first day of summer.


And here’s how Heinz used their brand colors to savor the last summer days.


On Instagram, you can combine things that can’t be combined. Porsche demonstrated the remarkable versatility of their iconic 911 model.

Salt Bae

Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish butcher and restaurateur who became famous on the internet due to his unusual cooking technique, successfully advertises himself and his restaurants on Instagram.


What do science and construction toys have in common? The first ever picture of a black hole!

Qatar Airways

What do you usually do during a plane flight? Take a look at this Qatar Airways video ad and choose what type of traveler you are.


Soaring in the air with balloons is a dream of many, but only one person has made it possible. With the Carousel format, Google created a great story of David Blaine completing one of his impossible challenges.


Another idea for Instagram Carousels is combining photo and video content. And another idea for Instagram marketing is collaborating with accidental influencers. Check out this Gucci ad for details.


In their Instagram ad, Guinness raises a glass for their ambassador Rutger Hauer who was the star of Pure Genius — a set of TV commercials that look surprisingly awesome even though they were produced between 1987 and 1994.


The lion’s share of Instagram users visit the platform to satisfy their aesthetic needs. Dior gives their audience real satisfaction with an elegant outfit and the right proportions.

Victoria’s Secret

Among other aesthetic examples of ads on Instagram, you can get inspiration from the perfect Sunday brunch look by Victoria’s Secret.


Now let’s dive into history. In their post, Sennheiser remembers that American President John F. Kennedy used the Sennheiser MD 21 microphone to give his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in Berlin on June 26, 1963.

Ralph Lauren

In this post, you see two Hollywood actors, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, sitting in the Polo Bar — a New York restaurant designed by Ralph Lauren.


Martin Scorsese, a famous filmmaker who worked with the two living legends in the post above, joined the Rolex ad campaign featuring other Oscar-winning directors such as Kathryn Bigelow, James Cameron, and Alejandro G. Iñárritu.


When advertising on Instagram, you can play with your audience like TWIX did when they asked followers to count chocolate bar rectangles on International Puzzle Day.

FC Bayern Munich

Sometimes, champions have the right to wet their whistles. Here’s a great example of an advertising collaboration between FC Bayern Munich and Paulaner. Prosit!

Le Creuset

That feeling when everything is in the right place. If you want to sell things directly from Instagram, this example will help you do it right.


In one of the most athletic Instagram video ads examples you’ve ever seen, Gymshark proves that anyone can learn to do two things at the same time.


It’s possible to build a home or an office that looks like a playroom. Zillow offers their own celebration of Take Your Child to Work Day on Instagram.


Instagram advertising is about standing out. Show things can look totally different but be the same.


Reaching toward a great idea for an Instagram ad may be as easy as reaching toward a great cup of your beloved morning coffee.


How about using testimonials posted on Twitter as content for Instagram posts?


When you consider promotions on Instagram as pieces of art where effects can not only complement a creative but play the major part, you may achieve wonderful outcomes. Here’s one example of a great Instagram ad dedicated to what makes people feel over the moon. Visit the Hermes Instagram profile to see more ads from this series.

Tiffany & Co.

Creating fantasies is another way to surprise your audience with your products and services. Tiffany and Co. created a wonderful flight of fantasy.

Blvck Paris

Blvck Paris, a luxury lifestyle brand, has lots of examples of good Instagram ads on their account. Along with showing off clothing and accessories, they color everything we know in black. And you know what? They’re pretty good at that.


Often, you don’t need to do anything but look at an image and it will tell you a lot.


How about buying some stylish audio cassettes? Extraordinary products should have extraordinary designs.


The key to your success with Instagram ads lies in your imagination. Oreo offers a lot of amazing ad examples on their Instagram account. Don’t hesitate to check them out.


Do you use Instagram to show how your target audience uses your products or services? See how Caterpillar thanked their customers for their courage.


Consider creating Instagram ads as a game, play with your ads, and your target audience will love to join you.

New Balance

This Instagram ad example by New Balance shows that it’s not necessary to create hot images and videos to support your audience and tell people that you care about them.

Old Spice

Welcome the world’s first pitfluencer teaming up with Old Spice. Checkmate, bad smell.


Drawings can mean much more than any other form of content. See Lacoste’s celebration post dedicated to Father’s Day.


Picturing your products and services at unusual locations will make your content instagrammable. You’re feeling Illy’s taste of ocean deliciousness, aren’t you?


Don’t forget to check your customers’ Instagram accounts and show their commitment to your business or brand on your own account. Here’s a good example from Crocs.

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