There are two building blocks for any successful Facebook advertising campaign:

  • an appropriate set of targeting options
  • a large collection of great Facebook ads

While setting up a Facebook campaign lies in following precise recommendations, creating great Facebook ads requires effort and creativity.

The Story Behind Facebook Ads: Best Practices Reviewed

How can you create the most effective Facebook ads? Keep in mind two things.

First, remember that you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. Get inspired by ideas that have already…


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10 Best Facebook Ads You Wish You Published

10 Best Facebook Ads You Wish You Published

There are two building blocks for any successful Facebook advertising campaign:

  • an appropriate set of targeting options
  • a large collection of great Facebook ads

While setting up a Facebook campaign lies in following precise recommendations, creating great Facebook ads requires effort and creativity.

The Story Behind Facebook Ads: Best Practices Reviewed

How can you create the most effective Facebook ads? Keep in mind two things.

First, remember that you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. Get inspired by ideas that have already been implemented by advertisers, your competitors, and other companies.

Second, don't forget that knowledge is power. Before reviewing the best Facebook ads, read some tips and tricks that will help you turn your inspiration into a successful ad.

Master The Facebook Ad Structure

Each ad on Facebook has a specific structure. The basic components are a headline, post text, description, media, and a call-to-action button.

The post body may vary depending on:

  • the format of your ad (text, video, image, carousel, collection);
  • where you place your ad (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network);
  • the objective of your ad (page likes, video views, website conversions, clicks to website).

Which elements should you pick to drive leads? Facebook will guide you automatically once you start to set up your campaign. Instead of thinking what you should pick, keep your focus on the content.

Design Eye-Catching Videos and Images

There are three ways to create great videos and images.

Naturally, you can take pictures and record videos by yourself. The latest smartphones have cameras of very decent quality. But will you be able to direct, retouсh, and edit this content at the same level as big companies? That’s the real question.

Best Facebook ads - smartphone image

If you have doubts about producing your own videos, contacting professionals makes sense. You can share how you see your ads, an expert can advise you on how they see them, and together you can come up with something great. In this case, however, be ready to allocate a large budget.

The third way to produce videos and images is with artificial intelligence. This method is relatively new, but it has already disrupted the industry. Several companies such as Softcube have developed AI-powered technology that creates video ads automatically at a much lower cost than professional video editors charge.

Yes, it sounds a bit futuristic. But take a look around. We’re already living in a world with smart cars, smart homes, tablets, and other devices. Believe it or not, global automatization is coming.

Come Up with Excellent Copy

Consumers love visual content. People don’t read as much as they used to. Images and video have become the life of the party. However, this doesn’t mean that text has lost its influence over customers. The situation is quite the opposite.

Texts have become shorter but have even more of an impact on customers. You need just a few words to create excitement. In the next section, we list several examples of excellent Facebook ads to prove it.

Always pay attention to your copy. If you’re in charge of a professional team that includes developers, marketers, and designers, you’ll also need an experienced copywriter.

Learn Advertising Theory with Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is an educational project that offers more than 65 online courses to boost your marketing and advertising skills on Facebook and Instagram.

With these courses, you can learn how to target the right audience, build brand awareness, grow product sales, increase your conversion rate, create successful Facebook ads, and accomplish much more.

Each course is certified and free of charge. Even if you’re an advertising expert, Facebook Blueprint is a good way to check yourself and prove your knowledge by getting a certificate.

We’ve already posted a comprehensive guide on how to pass Facebook blueprint certification without a hitch.

10 Best Facebook Ad Examples from The World’s Top Brands

Are you waiting for your muse? We’ve picked ten different examples of great Facebook ads published by world-famous brands. Analyze them, get inspired, and your muse will come!


You don’t have to be an owner of an iMac, MacBook, or other Apple product to stumble upon one of the numerous Apple commercials. The release of a new iPhone is always global news. And Apple’s ad for their latest iPhone is a perfect example of Facebook ads that work.

Let’s be honest. You may not like Apple, but this video ad looks spectacular. Called Apple’s big news in 108 seconds, it demonstrates the company’s three latest devices and their features.

In fact, this is what every successful video advertisement on Facebook should look be like: fast, informative, and vivid. The recipe is simple, don’t you agree? Designers combined animations with black, white, and image backgrounds peppered with changing text.

NOTE: Highlights should be the backbone of each video ad.

Burger King

Burger King has made one of the coolest examples of successful Facebook ads in the food business. As you can see, image-based posts can be as effective as video ads. What’s the secret?

The Burger King social media team use food as part of their promotion story. Visually speaking, the crispy rings look perfect on the beige background. But the trick lies in the very simple message that includes minimal text but brings maximum value.

Of course, this isn’t the best way for a gentleman to propose. We hope you realize that’s not the point.

NOTE: Create magic from nothing. Look at ordinary objects in an unordinary way.


Nickelodeon is known for producing many iconic animated shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Hey Arnold!, and many others.

But only a few know that this television network also originated the Worldwide Day of Play — an event aimed at encouraging parents and their children to turn off TVs and play outdoors. The broadcasting company created a video ad on Facebook dedicated to this special day.

Events are perfect social triggers. You can attract public attention to a certain problem by establishing your own special day. To do this, you’ll need to create a community of like-minded enthusiasts, attract attention to your brand, and make this world a better place.

Don’t have enough resources to start an event? No problem. You can use any existing event for your Facebook ad. For example, you can celebrate well-known holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day.

You can also take advantage of less famous days related to your business (World Water Day, Waffle Day, etc.). Finally, you can greet your Facebook community on Fridays, weekends, and other common days.

In other words, check the calendar and you’ll surely find some event or day that fits your company!

NOTE: Use holidays, special days, and popular events (or create your own!) for your brand advertising.


When it comes to shoe and clothing advertising, the number of great ad ideas may be limited by your exhausted imagination. Keep on being original no matter what. Get inspired by your rivals, especially big brands.

Converse gives lots of examples of good Facebook ads that drive leads. Uniqueness is their primary weapon. Scrolling Converse’s Facebook Page, you’ll see each pair of shoes presented in different locations, on different models, and in different compositions.

In the case of the image ad above, composition plays a pivotal role. The combination of an awesome call-to-action, neutral background, bright outfit, and a single hand turned into a real masterpiece.

NOTE: Don’t build combinations just for show. Create art where each element plays a role.


Tiffany & Co is another company on our best practices list that has taken advantage of the God presence effect. If you take a look at Tiffany’s Facebook page, you’ll notice that the company shows the beautiful hands of their models on camera more often than other companies.

No wonder. The jewelry business is all about beauty.

But did you know that Tiffany sells teddy bears? We won’t comment on their price. We’re just marveling at the Facebook ad that the Tiffany team has posted.

Does a giant, lovely animal on the spire of the world-famous Empire State Building remind you of something? Perhaps the iconic scene from King Kong?

The Tiffany bear’s blue paws match the blue sky ideally. The tiny plush toy looks like a real giant.

NOTE: Take inspiration from cultural heritage. Copy other creators, but do this with respect.


Talking of toys, let’s mention a global brand that sells them in the form of building bricks. LEGO lets you build almost any object from the real world and a bunch of fictional worlds, including humans, buildings, vehicles, platforms, and much more.

In August 2018, the company did the impossible — they built a life-size Bugatti Chiron. Constructed with 1 million LEGO pieces plus a steel body and wheels, the car accelerates to 20 kilometers per hour.

How do your ads benefit from LEGO's having built a life-size Bugatti? You can find yourself a reliable partner as well. When it comes to online advertising, co-branding partnership is a tried and tested strategy.

For example, wood workshops can partner with printing companies. In short, choose any good fit for your business.

NOTE: Promote your products or services by interacting with other products or services.


Any piano virtuosos here? Yamaha is one of the most popular digital piano and keyboard producers in the world. This company has also created the best example of a text-based ad on Facebook.

You might argue that text-based ads aren’t as effective as image and video alternatives. You’re generally right, but not if you want to advertise your YouTube channel as Yamaha did. Indeed, Facebook is a great platform to promote not only your website, online store, or app but also your profiles on other platforms.

For text-based Facebook ads, it’s not recommended to use selling words or phrases. Instead, feed your potential customers with useful information of any sort that relates to the link you’ve added to the sponsored post. If your lead discovers something new when they read your message, you’ll succeed!

NOTE: Text is no less important than any other kind of content in a Facebook ad of any type.


Cooking is an art. Just like every artist, every cook needs a professional set of tools to make their family, friends, and clients happy.

Kitchenware amazes with its diversity. It seems like there’s an accessory for every food. For instance, the banana slicer. Two guys who call themselves the Berghoff brothers recorded a demo of this weird and handy product.

Just like Yamaha, BergHOFF used Facebook ads to drive leads to YouTube. But the kitchen and cookware designer did this through personalization.

Lots of business owners publicly vouch for their companies, products, and services. This helps brands gain reputations for reliability and makes customers more confident in their choices.

NOTE: Don’t be shy to become the face of your own brand.

Giant Bicycles

“The perfect ride doesn’t require perfect roads” is an excellent life motto, don’t you think? So why not to use this quote in a Facebook ad?

Giant Bicycles did just that, demonstrating a concept used by today’s marketers worldwide. In an era of fierce competition, companies don’t sell products. Companies sell emotions.

Mindful riders maneuver around potholes to save their bikes from damage. A bike that can survive jolting with no significant consequences is the dream of every cyclist.

NOTE: The best way to advertise your product on Facebook is to show it in action.

Hasbro Gaming

Have you ever played Monopoly? Hasbro is primarily known for this highly addictive board game. The company also produces lots of other games, including Scrabble and Jenga. We’ll focus on a pretty awesome Facebook ad for Jenga.

How can you get your kids to eat vegetables? Hasbro recommends using a fun game. You can do the same when promoting your business — give any great advice to your target audience with reference to your products or services.

NOTE: Go beyond your boundaries. Break stereotypes. Demonstrate your idea from different angles.

How to Create Best Facebook Ads

The recipe for creating the most effective Facebook ads is a mixture of analysis and ingenuity. While the social media platform provides you with all the necessary optimization tools, your responsibility lies in combining video, images, and text into a masterpiece that will acquire customers.

Advertising on Facebook is a challenge that you can accept on your own or in partnership with specialists. You’ll have to come up with catchy headlines, write appealing texts, design colorful images, and edit dynamic videos. Not to mention working with the Facebook ads manager where all the optimization processes take place.

We hope the examples you’ve seen in this article will help you to reach the desired results with your Facebook ad campaigns. If you need some advice on your video ads, feel free to contact the Softcube team. We’ll be happy to help you.

Or test our artificial intelligence right now. Good luck advertising on Facebook!

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