Want to come up with creative Facebook ads but don’t know where to start?

Seth Godin, the author of nearly 20 bestsellers about marketing and beyond, writes on his blog that we’re all born creative and that the enemy of creativity is fear.

David Lynch, a filmmaker whose movies may leave viewers fearful, writes in his book Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity that you should consider creativity as fishing and ideas as fish. Lynch adds that if…


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The Rookie’s Guide to Creative Facebook Ads [30 Examples]

The Rookie’s Guide to Creative Facebook Ads [30 Examples]

Want to come up with creative Facebook ads but don’t know where to start?

Seth Godin, the author of nearly 20 bestsellers about marketing and beyond, writes on his blog that we’re all born creative and that the enemy of creativity is fear.

David Lynch, a filmmaker whose movies may leave viewers fearful, writes in his book Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity that you should consider creativity as fishing and ideas as fish. Lynch adds that if you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.

Creative Facebook ads — the number of Facebook advertisers

Facebook has over 9 million active advertisers, and each of whom is creative in their own depth.

The question is: How can you find your depth?

In this blog post, we’re going to help you dive into the ocean of creativity and highlight the best practices for producing the most creative Facebook ads.

Also, we’ve collected 30 examples of creative Facebook ads to inspire you and make you more productive.


How to Come Up with the Most Creative Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing is synonymous with creativity.

Ad creatives that are good enough to hook people who stumble upon your Facebook ads can be more important to the success of your campaign than targeting, scheduling, or any other element.

Finding the blueprint for creating unusual ideas is much harder than learning Facebook targeting or figuring out the best time to run Facebook ads.

Obviously, there’s no universal answer to how to make creative ads on Facebook.

However, there are universal principles you can adhere to in order to always stay original when creating high-quality Facebook ad posts that convert.

Creative Facebook Ads Startle in a Flash

When you advertise something on Facebook, don’t keep your message on ice.

Be as straightforward as possible because you have only a few moments to capture the attention of your Facebook audience. To win the favor of new customers, use the tone of voice you use with your loyal customers. Be welcoming, friendly, kind, and honest.

If you create Facebook video ads, remember to catch your viewers’ attention from the first seconds and keep your message short. How can you get people interested in your ads in seconds?

One of the tried and tested ways to do that is to create the desire to take action.

Creative Facebook Ads Inspire Action

When people visit Facebook, they don’t know what to expect. They think they do, but these visits are all about Facebook recommendation algorithms surprising them with new content and information.

Pretty often, someone goes on Facebook to check their News Feed and ends up purchasing a new pair of sunglasses. It’s a typical situation...

Creative Facebook ads — Leo and Keanu

How can you encourage people on Facebook to take action? Facebook users are more likely to act when they feel that a business or brand isn’t trying to manipulate their attention.

Creative Facebook Ads Tell a Story

Instead of force-feeding your ideas to customers and manipulating them to get their attention, you should implant ideas in the customer’s mind so the customer feels they’ve been there from the beginning.

Note that your goal isn’t selling or promoting but triggering emotions — positive emotions, ideally. Storytelling is the only way to do that without manipulation.

By the way, Facebook Story ads are perfect for that!

When companies tell stories in order to manipulate people, it has really bad consequences and even decreases their sales. Bad ideas cause bad attitudes.

What are great stories? It’s really simple: Great stories bring value.

Creative Facebook Ads Have Value (and Humor)

Good stories are worth a great deal of moneylove. Think about what’s going on in your mind after watching your favorite movie, finishing an absorbing book, or taking a look at paintings of classical artists.

To make Facebook users feel that same way about your ads, you should create the same impression. Keep in mind that Facebook ads are valuable when they consider the interests of customers, not the interests of a business or a brand.

A great alternative to value can be humor, which is a really powerful weapon when used wisely.

Funny ads are sometimes based on really serious ideas.

30 Simplest and Most Creative Facebook Ad Examples

If you take a close look at the history of advertising, you’ll notice one thing.

Creativity was and remains the major driving force in the advertising industry, from shouting sellers in ancient markets and graffiti on the walls of Pompeii to bizarre TV commercials in the 1980s and hilarious TikTok advertising today.

We hope these creative Facebook ad ideas will help you become a better Facebook marketer and drive the evolution of the advertising world!


Looping video content to achieve the GIF effect is a fresh Facebook ad trend that’s here to stay. The gorgeous video you see above is one of Ray-Ban’s posts from the You’re On campaign.


Creative Facebook ads — Snickers

When it comes to Facebook advertising and creativity, it’s important to think outside the box. Just like Snickers, you can try to come up with something Photoshop-ish.

If you need more Facebook ads creative ideas for food ads, check out this post where we collected 40 tasty examples.


Creative Facebook ads — Versace

In the era of messenger communication, writing copy is no less important than designing an ad image or video. Facebook copy is perfect when it complements a visual creative. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, view this creative Facebook ad by Versace.


Creative Facebook ads — Reformation

Sometimes, you don’t need words to get Facebook users to understand your message. A visual creative is more than enough. In such cases, adding tags is a great idea because viewers won’t be distracted by words.

Vans Europe

Creative Facebook ads — Vans Europe

Another way to be creative on Facebook is to hint to everyone else how they can be creative. Literally. Imagine your customers using your products or services and then portray them like artists do that. Here’s an ad example by Vans to get you inspired.


Creative Facebook ads — ASOS

There’s a common thought in marketing that using memes is a sucker punch. But if you receive positive feedback from your audience, who cares? Memes are great primarily because you can adapt them to any possible occasion.


Creative Facebook ads — Champion

If you go on Facebook and look through clothing brands, you’ll see that the clothing tower is a pretty popular idea to promote a few items at the same time and write anything you like about them.


Creative Facebook ads — Patagonia

We have to warn you that adding text on images isn’t a really good Facebook marketing practice. However, there’s always an exception from the rule. Patagonia did a good job not only by calling people to support recycling but also by creating a high-quality Facebook post.


Creative Facebook ads — CrossFit

Remember the Facebook ad creative best practices we mentioned earlier? This ad perfectly demonstrates all four elements and focuses the viewer’s attention instantaneously. It tells a funny and valuable story that might have inspired someone to start the new year with a vengeance.


Creative Facebook ads — UPS

If you lack creative ideas for Facebook ads but desperately want them to appear, an effective way to do that is by simply arming yourself with patience and waiting for someone else to deliver them to you.


Creative Facebook ads — Avon

If you lack ideas and nobody comes to help, remember that DIY is still a thing. Imagine yourself as a child who’s making a card for their parents. If you do that from the bottom of your heart, the results won’t be long in coming.


Creative Facebook ads — Monopoly

Some consider 2020 to have been a disaster. Hasbro Gaming made a creative Monopoly ad to remind us that we should stay calm and play the game.


Creative Facebook ads — Boden

Creative Facebook ads seem quiet but suddenly explode. Stay quiet but be explosive just like these two charming ladies in Boden’s Facebook celebration post.


Creative Facebook ads — ARKET

Have a particular item to promote on Facebook? Mix it with another distinctive element for contrast. In this example, ARKET creates the best Facebook ad creatives combination you could ever imagine: a white blouse with a red apple on a grey stone background combined with simple and straightforward copy.


Here’s another example of a looping video, this time by L.L.Bean. Celebrating a holiday with your audience is a time-proven way of promoting products and services — and not only during traditional holiday seasons such as Christmas and Easter. National Cocoa Day is also a great opportunity.


Creative Facebook ads — Skechers

Great creative Facebook ads are born from the inside out in a pretty unexpected way. If you don’t manipulate people but provide them with a true and engaging experience, the outcome is a perfect match for everyone.

Jimmy Choo

Creative Facebook ads — Jimmy Choo

We’ve already told you that adding contrast to advertising visuals is a great way to be creative on Facebook. Alternatively, you can play with textures and tones that match your products or branding colors to not only sell everything you need but please your customers aesthetically.

Stella McCartney

Creative Facebook ads — Stella McCartney

Marketing on Facebook is pure creativity. And creativity is art. When artists meet, magic happens. The ad you see above is the result of collaboration between contemporary artist Martha Haversham and a brand launched by Stella McCartney, a daughter of one of the Beatles.

The purpose of this kind of collaboration is to encourage people to maintain sustainability with a smile. We think the result was more than positive.

La Perla

Creative Facebook ads — La Perla

Using professional photography for promotional purposes is a good idea. What’s even better is that you don’t have to hire a professional photographer. You just need to be smartphone savvy.


Creative Facebook ads — Gymshark

Polling your Facebook audience is a creative way to communicate with it. Some people like commenting on posts, some don’t. In their post, Gymshark killed two birds with one stone and offered users to express their reactions with emoji.

NOTE: Gymshark has an amazing Instagram account. We included one of their posts in our 47 Instagram ad examples you should definitely see if you’re going to promote your business or brand on this platform.


What time is it? It’s time for creative Facebook ads designed by Greggs. If you scroll down the Facebook News Feed of this UK bakery brand, you’ll satisfy your creative advertising hunger for a long time.


Creative Facebook ads — Glossier

We’ve already told you that there’s nothing bad with taking advantage of memes if they’re appropriate for your audience. Suddenness is what plays the major role here. If you create the right meme ad and post it at the right moment, users will be pleasantly surprised.


Creative Facebook ads — Made.com

If the ideas we’ve already discussed don’t correspond with your ad strategy, one of the most time-tested means for luring both current and potential customers is cute animals.


Creative Facebook ads — fentybeauty

Fentybeauty is a cosmetics brand launched by Rihanna and followed by more than 800,000 people on Facebook. This example of an ad by the brand shows how creatively you can play with mirror reflections. And what could be better than Rihanna? Three Rihannas, of course!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Creative Facebook ads — KLM

If you want to stay creative all the time, mature your imagination. How can you do that, you ask? Who do you think has the maturest imagination, we would ask in reply. Children! When you’re creating Facebook ads, be a child. It’s extremely important and helpful!

J. Crew

Creative Facebook ads — J.Crew

Remember that clothing tower by Champion? Check out this transformation of the tower into a scarf mask in a wintery color palette. Not to mention top-notch creative copy.


Creative Facebook ads — Bloomingdale's

In another festive ad post from the Facebook page of Bloomingdale’s, you see what Jack-o'-lantern looks like the night before Halloween.

Pampered Chef

Creative Facebook ads — Pampered Chef

If you have no ideas, how about adapting a hot trend to your product or service? Here’s a great example of Pampered Chef using the notorious metal monolith (that was mysteriously left in a Utah desert and then just as mysteriously disappeared) to promote metal straws on Facebook.

Lodge Cast Iron

Creative Facebook ads — Lodge Cast Iron

As an alternative to the poll post by Gymshark, another creative and effective way to advertise your business or brand is by asking people a question related to your industry and offering them to join the discussion in the comments.


Product demonstrations done creatively are priceless, especially when you offer to go infinite! Just like video loops, video timelapses are fascinating!

Upgrade Your Creativity on Facebook with Artificial Intelligence

Talking of Facebook video ads, there’s a lot of space for creativity. And at Softcube, we know firsthand how marketers appreciate their time and care for their budgets, especially when it comes to running video ad campaigns on Facebook.

With the Softcube AI-powered platform, you can optimize your video ad production process for your business or brand using a collection of ready-made ad templates, multiple editing tools, and much more.

You can create one video ad using Softcube in less time than it took you to read this article.

Play with the Softcube platform right now for free and see for yourself.

Have fun, be creative, and good luck!

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