Do you believe in true love?

Almost 1,021 adults were asked this question in the 2019 Tattoos, Guns & Love survey. According to the survey results, the world isn’t doomed yet, as 94% of participants said they do believe in true love.

Another engrossing study was conducted in January 2020 by YouGov. When asked if they believed in soulmates, 56% of US adults said they did, 25% answered they didn’t, and 19% found the question difficult to answer. Interestingly, nearly…


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69 Valentine’s Day Ads You Will Definitely Love

69 Valentine’s Day Ads You Will Definitely Love

Do you believe in true love?

Almost 1,021 adults were asked this question in the 2019 Tattoos, Guns & Love survey. According to the survey results, the world isn’t doomed yet, as 94% of participants said they do believe in true love.

Valentine's Day ads — romantic Americans

Another engrossing study was conducted in January 2020 by YouGov. When asked if they believed in soulmates, 56% of US adults said they did, 25% answered they didn’t, and 19% found the question difficult to answer. Interestingly, nearly the same percentage was observed in all age groups from 18- to 24-year-olds and up.

Valentine's Day ads — statements

In 2018, 1,011 Americans shared their opinions on Valentine’s Day in a survey by Statista, in which 53% of respondents claimed that people don’t need a specific day to show that they love each other and 36% considered Valentine’s Day the day of love.

According to an online survey conducted in January 2020, the average planned spending on Valentine’s Day in the United States was $71.

Valentine's Day ads — spending

According to the Annual 2020 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, Americans were anticipated to spend more than ever on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2020 — $196.31 per person on average and $27.4 billion in total.

Valentine's Day ads — types of gifts

Unsurprisingly, the top ten Valentine’s Day gifts among male and female consumers in the United States were dinners out, chocolate, greeting cards, gift cards, alcoholic beverages, personalized gifts, home-cooked meals, flowers, and massages.

69 Wonderful Valentine’s Day Ads You’ll Fall in Love With

In this blog post, we’re going to show you a wide variety of Valentine’s Day ads by different brands and companies from many industries.

But first, let’s start with Deadpool, probably the most controversial superhero.

Why Deadpool? In fact, we’re not really interested in Deadpool itself but in the movie’s advertising campaign.

Because it was one of the best Valentine’s Day ad campaigns in the history of advertising, and it’s what your Valentine’s Day campaign should ideally be like.

Valentine's Day ads — YouTube comment

Resulting in $783 million worldwide in box-office sales, the Deadpool marketing campaign was so successful that some YouTube viewers were sad when they realized they wouldn’t see hilarious Deadpool promos anymore (luckily for them, they will during the release of Deadpool 2).

And there were a bunch of promos…

To get viewers interested, Deadpool said lots of controversial things. He called men and women to touch themselves to prevent testicular and breast cancer and wore a pink costume to raise money for the cancer foundation. He blamed Australians for giving us Wolverine and played soccer in a dream with Manchester United.

Finally, he gave advice for the best Valentine’s Day gift...

Some of you may say that this notorious Deadpool Valentine's Day ad produced for YouTube and television wasn’t romantic at all and was too much even for Deadpool.

However, despite all the nonsense, blood, and dark humor, Deadpool is technically a romantic movie about true love that premiered several days before Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day ads — Twitter post

Yes. They even made a sentimental poster.

To recap, your Valentine’s ads for your brand or business should be like the Deadpool promotional campaign — a bit sentimental and at the same time out of the box. They should have the guts to stand up for your message.

Let’s see how you can do that using the example of multiple Valentine’s Day social media ideas and Valentine’s Day commercials created for television and YouTube.

23 Beautiful Instagram Valentine’s Day Ads

When you’re thinking about running Valentine’s Day advertising and are considering using different platforms, Instagram is probably the first platform that comes to mind due to its focus on beauty and vogue.

Before we begin, here are several insights for brands and businesses advertising on Instagram during the Valentine’s Day season.

Age and Gender

As of October 2020, Instagram was extremely popular among two age groups — 18- to 24-year-olds and 25- to 34-year olds — according to a survey published on Statista.

Valentine's Day ads — distribution of Instagram users

Another interesting fact is that Instagram isn’t dominated by either gender. In every age group, the number of females and males is almost equal.

Best Days and Times for Posting

According to Instagram’s internal data, the best time to post on Instagram on Valentine’s Day is between 3 pm and 6 pm Pacific time, while the best days for posting in general are Wednesdays and Thursdays. This information was collected from US Instagrammers who used Valentine’s Day-related hashtags during the 28 days prior to January 27, 2017.

Recommended Hashtags

Talking of hashtags, you should add a lot of them to each Instagram post and ad so your content can easily be found and shared. Use hashtags that have the closest associations with Valentine’s Day such as #love, #peace, and #blessed.

Now let’s check out Valentine’s Day ad examples made for Instagram.

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Valentine's Day ads — Adidas

Adidas made a bold move and published this Adidas Valentine's Day ad that boomed on Instagram in 2016 so much that Adidas started shutting down homophobic comments.

This is how an advertiser can tell a love story with only one image.

The ad copy is the last words of the song The End by the Beatles.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal,” Pablo Picasso said.


Amazon created one of the best Valentine’s Day Instagram posts dedicated to the cats of Amazon customers. People love cats. And what do cats love? Cats love boxes.

When you create a Valentine’s Day video for Instagram, make a short story that lasts up to 15 seconds. And try to use cats because they’re the happiest creatures, especially on Valentine’s Day.


If you’re searching for original Valentine’s Day advertising ideas, you can create a story based on real events. We bet you’ve never thought about watching a romantic video advertising two snails snailing around snail-sized sets.


Valentine's Day ads — Sony

Have no ideas for a Valentine’s Day Instagram post? Simply try to create a perfect match between two items like Sony did in one of their Instagram posts.


Valentine's Day ads — Dior

The best Valentine’s Day advertising slogans are a couple of words that should reflect your promotional idea visually. In the post above, you can see how Richard Burbridge, who created a lot of fabulous ads for multiple luxury fashion brands, creatively depicts Dior’s Instagram ad copy: Love should be on everyone’s lips.


Valentine's Day ads — Bulgari

When making Valentine ads, don’t forget about traditional methods. For example, Bulgari posted this photo by Thomas Lohr and recommends expressing love in every way you can. It can be with physical touch or stylish jewelry. Or both.


Valentine's Day ads — Mejuri

Mejuri made an example of one of the simplest jewelry Valentine’s Day ads by focusing the attention of Instagrammers on the product itself and nothing else.


If highlighting your products or services seems too obvious for you or you can’t find a creative way to do that, go DIY and surprise people on Instagram with something unusual.

For instance, Lacoste created a simple DIY Valentine’s Day gift ad featuring a heart-shaped paper appliqué with the traditional crocodile logo in the center.

Andrea Iyamah

Another idea for an Instagram Valentine’s Day video is to tell Instagrammers what love means to you or to ask customers to share their opinion.

That’s what musical artist Falana did on behalf of fashion brand Andrea Iyamah, established by Dumebi Iyamah. The result of this black-and-white video is heartwarming.


Valentine's Day ads — TWIX

The rose petal background is a cool trick for your Valentine’s Day visual no matter what industry your business or brand is in. Also, pay attention to the hashtags TWIX used for this post.

Ferrero Rocher UK & IRE

Valentine's Day ads — Ferrero Rocher

Just like flower petals, flowers can work pretty well as the background (or the focal point) for your Valentine’s Day publication even when you don’t sell flowers. Ferrero Rocher’s Instagram page for the United Kingdom and Ireland created a post with a red peony as a stand for their confectionery.


Valentine's Day ads — Hallmark

If you’re a girl, you can start celebrating on February 13, or Galentine’s Day — an unofficial holiday originating from the 16th episode of the second season of the American comedy TV series Parks and Recreation and since then established in everyday culture.

Every year, Galentine’s Day is a popular trend on social media and one more reason for companies and brands to create amazing Valentine’s Day social media content.

Farmgirl Flowers

Valentine's Day ads — Famgirl Flowers

Every Valentine’s Day, there are always a few people who buy gifts for their friends and family at the last moment. Farmgirl Flowers show a top-notch example of how to create high demand at the last minute.

Lula’s Garden

Valentine's Day ads — Lula's Garden

A marketer with no ideas for Valentine’s Day should always remember that mother nature can come to the rescue and offer magical solutions.

By the way, see how many hashtags Lula’s Garden used for this post.


Valentine's Day ads — UrbanStems

Delivering fresh flowers is a really big deal. In their Instagram post, UrbanStems not only pays respect to their hardworking couriers but gives hope to customers who feel desperate about lacking flowers on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine's Day ads — Septime

A cozy atmosphere is the first thing loved ones need when they want to find a perfect spot for their Valentine’s Day dinner out. Have a restaurant and want to get it noticed on Instagram? All you need is to show your warmth through the screen!


Valentine's Day ads — sweetgreen

Reposting on Instagram isn’t a crime, especially when you want to share love. Don’t be shy to borrow someone’s idea if it fits the vision of your business and will improve your customers’ mood.

Sweetgreen, an American salad restaurant chain, sees love as a huge bunch of greens. Isn’t that sweet?

Restaurant Mirazur

Valentine's Day ads — Mirazur

If you want to call more customers to your café or restaurant, remember that Valentine's Day restaurant ads can look great without food. Mauro Colagreco, the chef of the Mirazur Restaurant, proves that in this example.

California Donuts

Valentine's Day ads — California Donuts

When you promote food on Valentine’s Day, a romantic dinner is a really nice move. Love is for everyone, but sweets can be exclusive.

Sister Pie

Valentine's Day ads — Sister Pie

We’ve already told you that you should create something lovely by yourself if you want to surprise your Instagram followers but lack interesting ideas.

If you’re in the food industry, you should create love literally. Here’s how Sister Pie promotes their special soup cracker for Valentine’s Day.

Taco Bell

Valentine's Day ads — Taco Bell

Here’s another Valentine’s Day Instagram story in one photo of two friends whose friendship blossomed into romance and marriage. Can you find customers who will tell their stories about your business or brand? After you post those stories on Instagram, you’ll hit the jackpot.

Howlin’ Ray’s

Valentine's Day ads — Howlin' Ray's

Here’s how the story of that Taco Bell couple above might have started. Howlin’ Ray’s offers their version of people sharing their love for each other and food using the be my howlintine slogan.

Bath & Body Works

Valentine's Day ads — Bath & Body Works

If love were a box, it would look something like this according to Bath & Body Works. When you advertise this way on Valentine’s Day, you should remember to show not only what’s inside the heart but what’s outside it.

23 Delightful Valentine’s Day Facebook Ads

If you’re going to create some Valentine’s Day social media posts, it’s obvious you need to take advantage of the world’s top social network.

Before we show you some lovely and inspiring ideas you can apply to your ad campaign, read a few interesting facts about Facebook and Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day ads — distribution of Facebook ads

While no gender dominates Instagram, slightly more Facebook users are men in three age groups: 18 to 24 years old, 25 to 34 years old, and 35 to 44 years old.

Valentine's Day ads — sources of inspiration

A survey by Savvy reports that Facebook was the third most popular source of inspiration after supermarkets and Google for Valentine’s Day gifts among people in the United Kingdom in 2020.

According to Facebook data, both men and women use Facebook to speak about date nights, loved ones, and romance. However, men tend to discuss relationship statuses, proposals, and anti-Valentine’s day, while women tend to talk about food, drinks, and gifts.

Now let’s find out how different businesses and brands make their Valentine’s Day ad ideas for Facebook a reality.

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The LEGO universe is massive, as is the LEGO community. In this Facebook post, LEGO wished its huge Facebook community a happy Valentine’s Day and sent their best from the LEGO universe.


Valentine's Day ads — Greggs

When you create your Valentine’s Day ads, your goal is to sell pure emotions instead of selling your products and services. After people feel your message, they’ll be happy to buy from you and will come with open arms.

Greggs shows how to do that using an absolutely brilliant Valentine's Day ad copy that consists of only four words.


Valentine's Day ads — Chloe

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Chloé promoted their Alphabet collection.

If you’re in the jewelry industry and if you can offer an alphabet collection, you should do that.

If you can’t do that but still want to make a creative Facebook ad, think about your Valentine’s Day ad as a keepsake that people will remember for a long time and offer something you think is relevant.

Tiffany & Co

Valentine's Day ads — Tiffany & Co

If you’re in the jewelry industry and you want to use social media to encourage people to visit your brick-and-mortar store, here’s how you can do that as demonstrated by Tiffany & CO on Facebook.

OMEGA Watches

Valentine's Day ads — OMEGA Watch

Love is a timeless ocean. In this ad, OMEGA Watches demonstrates their Constellation couple, proving that love can last really long in zero gravity.


Valentine's Day ads — Ice-Watch

When you don’t pay much attention, people can become more attentive.

Here’s a great advertisement example for Valentine’s Day that shows how to promote a product without paying much attention to it.

To promote their watch, Ice-Watch decided to use a heart-shaped box that’s bigger than the watch but has the same color.


Valentine's Day ads — Snickers

You’ve already seen the jewelry alphabet by Chloé and a Ferrero Rocher candy at the top of a peony. Now we offer you the same 2-in-1 experience. To celebrate Valentine’s Day with Facebook users, Snickers put their alphabet bars on top of red roses.

Haribo USA

Valentine's Day ads — Haribo USA

Here’s a great alternative to the Greggs post above.

Consider this ad idea as a template. To successfully customize it, get a ring related to your business and adapt several words for your ad copy.


Valentine's Day ads — Toblerone

Here’s one more way you can display a product against roses or rose petals. The cool thing about this idea is that you can use any flowers that match the tone of your branding.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Valentine’s Day and chocolate ads are like human beings and water. They’re inseparable.

In this video ad posted by Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, two heart-shaped chocolates are surrounded with heart-shaped confetti.

The Bouqs Company

Valentine's Day ads — The Bouqs Company

If you intend to create Valentine’s Day ads and flowers are your business, one beautiful bouquet may be enough to get your customers interested. However, you can never go wrong if you complement flowers with a shining smile that makes the bouquet glow even more!

Valentine's Day ads —

In this post, we’ve already demonstrated ads with a heart-shaped box, heart-shaped cracker, heart-shaped chocolate, heart-shaped box of chocolate, and heart-shaped cactus. Now it’s time to show you heart-shaped bamboo.

Prestige Flowers

Valentine's Day ads — Prestige Flowers

If you want to create some Valentine’s Day floral ads, it’s crucial to let people know why they should buy flowers from your company. Prestige Flowers not only does that in their post but also adds the Shop Now call-to-action button to let users order right away.

Victoria’s Secret

Valentine's Day ads — Victoria's Secret

When thinking about Valentine’s Day social media content ideas, remember two major advantages of beauty.

The first advantage is that it can take many different forms. The second advantage is that real beauty doesn’t have to be enhanced.

A great idea is to find the best form you have and show it as it is.

Dolce & Gabbana

Valentine's Day ads — Dolce & Gabbana

A boutique in one of the world’s most romantic cities? Check.

Two well-dressed mannequins kissing each other? Check.

Three items of jewelry that delight the eye? Check.

One behind the scenes video to show how it was done? Check.


Valentine's Day ads — H&M

We’ve already shown you a lookalike example by Bulgari for their Instagram post. Here’s how you can express love in the same simple way if you sell or promote clothing.


Valentine's Day ads — MINI

When you promote a car, you can offer something extra. When celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2020, MINI offered official merchandise.


If you’re looking for decent Valentine's Day car ads as examples to create something that will surprise your customers, you can use the car’s interior as a starting point.

For most of us, Valentine’s Day refers to something sweet. If you’re reading this post near children, we should warn you that in the video above Volkswagen filled their car with lollipops.


Valentine's Day ads — Nissan

If you’re feeling like you can’t come up with good copy, you can focus on taking photos. This marvellous photoshoot of a Nissan Figaro is a great example of how pictures can speak for themselves.


Valentine's Day ads — Fiat

Why is cupid an amateur? Let us explain.

For their social media Valentine’s Day campaign, Fiat, in collaboration with Bcube, parked the famous 500 model on the heart-shaped red carpet in the center of Milan so couples could kiss each other inside the car.

Read the full story here.


Dodge displays another great combination of well-written copy and an attractive visual that complement each other in one creative Valentine’s Day ad.


Valentine's Day ads — Oriflame

Placing many tiny details around your product is one more key to a successful Valentine’s Day post. More than that, you can promote several products at once.


Valentine's Day ads — Revlon

Want to post something original? Pay tribute to a masterpiece from any art genre you like.

Rhyming your product with the beginning of the most famous love poem is nice.

Confessing that you can’t rhyme is great.

Using relevant emojis to enhance the power of rhyme is astonishing.

23 Charming Valentine’s Day Ads for TV and YouTube

In the third part of this post, we gather only Valentine’s Day video ads and commercials produced for television and YouTube. Enjoy!

Want to create ads for Valentine’s Day on YouTube? Read the Complete Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Video Ads.

Old Spice

You may want your man to give you flowers on Valentine’s Day, but you don’t want him to smell like a rose. Isaiah Mustafa, who plays the main character in this and other Old Spice commercials, knows that like no one else because he was born two days before Valentine’s Day.

Lenovo | Cupid Dog

Project a little love this Valentine’s Day! That’s the slogan for this YouTube video ad made by Lenovo for the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro with a built-in projector.

When showing you Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Instagram post, we already told you that you can use cats for your Valentine’s Day ads.

Well, dogs are a good alternative to cats.

Lenovo | Valentine’s Day Inspirations

The next year after promoting the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, Lenovo repeated its social media Valentine’s Day campaign to promote its next-generation product — the Yoga Tablet 3 Pro.

Dunkin’ Donuts Valentine’s Day DVC

Here’s one more YouTube Valentine’s Day commercial that uses a cliché and a cute doggy.

Pandora | Valentine’s Day Collection

You might have seen these typical (and really boring) jewelry store Valentine’s Day ads where men propose to their soulmates. This video commercial from Pandora is the exception to the rule.

Pandora | Valentine’s Day 2020

Here’s one more Valentine’s Day commercial made by Pandora, this time two years later.

Silverworks | Valentine’s Day 2019

In their video ad, Silverworks, one of the leading sterling silver jewelry companies in the Philippines, tells a sad story with a good ending.

Kmart | Valentine’s Day Dinner Commercial

To send good Valentine’s Day wishes to their customers, Kmart went outside of the box.

Instead of creating a traditional story where a couple shares gifts with each other, you’ll see a grandson preparing a lovely dinner for his grandmother.

Mrs. Fields | 2017 Valentine’s Day Commercial

If you want to see some funny Valentine’s Day ads, here’s an example from Mrs. Fields.

Despite the sexual subtext, this tasty food ad example has a big plot twist at the end.

M&M’s | Love Ballad

Another Valentine’s Day commercial produced by M&M’s tells the love story of Red.

Aired between February 3 and December 2, 2013, the ad honors a song called I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) by Meat Loaf.

M&M’s | Forgotten Valentine’s Day Gift

Based on the slogan deep down there, they’re all chocolate, this hilarious commercial tells you that you should never delay opening boxes of chocolate because you’re likely to forget them.

My M&M’S | I Love You Red

Here’s one more of Red’s love stories, in which one of the two major M&M’s characters tries to express mutual feelings for his girlfriend after she tells him those three magic words.

My M&M’S | Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Commercial

My M&M’s was launched in 2004 as an online service that allowed loved ones to order personalized M&M’s for their soulmates. In one of the best Valentine’s Day ads ever made by M&M’s, the candy brand demonstrated why creating such a gift is a great way to surprise your soulmate.

My M&M’s | Hello My Baby with Personalized Chocolate

In another variation of the My M&M’s commercial, here are three couples sharing the love with their personalized candies.

Google | Valentine’s Day Doodle

We bet this is the loveliest Google doodle you’ve ever seen. Published for Valentine’s Day 2013, the doodle was animated by Michael “Lippy” Lipman. Here’s the full story of how he created it.

Ryanair | Escape the Nonsense This Valentine’s Day

Don’t like Valentine’s Day? That’s totally okay because you can fly away from it! Here’s a cheerful commercial exactly for you made by Ryanair, a low-cost Irish airline, and posted under the #escapethenonsense hashtag.

Hallmark | Tell Them They Matter This Valentine’s Day

Here’s a powerful message from Hallmark saying that if you’re going through desperate times and you’re feeling that you’re about to give up, you shouldn’t because there’s always someone who loves you.

And if you’re feeling that someone needs support, take a moment and tell them they’re not alone.

Amstel | Our Gift

Originally launched for television in the Netherlands in 2007, this Valentine’s Day commercial for Amstel Beer is an apology video for every woman who has experienced a dating disaster.

Accompanied by the song If You Don’t Know Me By Now by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and then covered by Simply Red, this TV spot shows why men are not always romantic.

PUMA | The Hardchorus

We bet this is one of the most extraordinary Valentine’s Day ad campaigns you’ve ever seen.

Before each football game, die-hard fans in England and other European countries gather to celebrate the upcoming event, which in this case happened to be on Valentine’s Day.

In several of the commercials you can see above, PUMA advertises themselves by giving men an opportunity to send a love message to their wives and girlfriends explaining why they can’t be near them at that moment.

For the record, this ad campaign received 113 million impressions on social media and over 15 million online views.

Interflora Australia | Valentine’s Day 2016

Love is a powerful thing that can last your entire life. This is the message Interflora Australia sends to its customers in their 2016 commercial featuring a beautiful lifelong love story.

Interflora Australia | No More Excuses

In 2018, Interflora Australia showed Andy, who realized he had forgotten to buy a Valentine’s Day present for his soulmate. On his way home, Andy tried to find as many excuses as possible to fix the situation.

Nestle Thailand | KitKat Valentine’s Day 2013

Produced for the Thai market in 2013, this KitKat commercial shows that if you have a desperate dream, it can come true very easily and much sooner than you think.

Skittles | Romance the Rainbow

In their commercial for the 2017 Super Bowl, Skittles revived the good old romantic cliché of a boy throwing rocks at a girl’s window, replacing the rocks with candies. Katie, the girl the guy has a crush on, turns out to be very generous.

Be a Valentine to Your Customers with Artificial Intelligence

There’s one last thing we want to share with you about Valentine’s Day video advertising...

If you need to create a video ad for Valentine’s Day really fast or you want to start producing video ads for any major advertising platform at scale, test Softcube for free.

Powered by AI, Softcube will help you find the best footage from a rich collection of stock videos, optimize the video creation process with a large number of editing tools and pre-built templates, and make you fall in love with creating high-quality video ads without professional assistance.

Have a very special Valentine’s Day!

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