What is Facebook Pixel and Why Use It?

What is Facebook Pixel and Why Use It?

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Welcome to our Facebook pixel guide! 

If you’re here, it means you’re learning the ropes of Facebook marketing. Good for you!

If you want to grow a business these days, it’s essential to do it on social media. As the king of social media, Facebook is broadening its boundaries day by day.

What is Facebook Pixel — monthly active users on Facebook

According to the Facebook Q1 2020 Earnings report, nearly 3 billion people worldwide use at least one platform that belongs to the Facebook family — Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

If you’re going to promote your business on these platforms, it’s essential that you do it by taking advantage of Facebook pixel. 

What is Facebook pixel? 

We won’t keep you waiting. Let’s find out.

What Is Facebook Pixel?

For the average Facebook advertiser, pixel is a goldmine that’s crucial for successful Facebook marketing. And we mean it.

Facebook pixel is a conversion tracking instrument that has two purposes.

What is Facebook Pixel — page

The first purpose is to keep a close watch on the behavior of people who visit your website after they interact with your Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network ads in order to give you a deeper understanding of your advertising activities.

In other words, if you use a website as a landing page for users who see your ads across Facebook and its products and you need fully fledged analytics, creating a Facebook tracking pixel is a must.

The second purpose is to create unique audiences that consist of people who have interacted with your business on Facebook or elsewhere in order to show highly targeted ad campaigns to those audiences across Facebook and its family of apps and services.

So how does Facebook pixel work?

How Does Facebook Pixel Track Conversions?

Once you or developers on your team add pixel code that contains your Facebook Pixel ID to every page of your website, a functions library will be downloaded to enable conversion tracking.

What is Facebook Pixel — code

Then you’ll need to add standard events (predefined actions taken by your website visitors) to the code of website pages that most affect your conversions. For example, you might add events to pages for adding products to the cart, purchasing products, etc.

Additionally, you can add custom events to track visitor actions. Say you have an online store, you start a sale, and you want to see conversions that happen solely due to this sale.

After you add pixel code and events, you’ll be able to receive notifications in Events Manager every time someone takes a defined action (in other words, completes an event) on your website.

If you want more details on how to use Facebook pixel for your business, you can take a free Facebook Blueprint course on the topic.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Facebook Pixel?

By adding a pixel to your website, you can achieve a totally new level of advertising.

What is Facebook Pixel — BuiltWith

According to BuiltWith, there are more than 3 million websites using Facebook pixel.

What can you do with Facebook pixel besides see actions taken by your website visitors? Lots of amazing things that will make your Facebook marketing more advanced. 

Increase the Accuracy of Ad Delivery

If you know the best time to run Facebook ads, what they should look like, and who wants to see them, you know everything you need to succeed. With pixel, you can optimize your ad campaigns after analyzing your website traffic. Not to mention that the more conversions you get, the better Facebook gets at targeting your ads due to a better understanding of your customers’ behavior.

Monitor Cross-Device Conversions

Did you know that spending on Facebook mobile ads will outpace spending on Facebook desktop ads by 2022? Naturally, it’s very important to segment your users by device. Keep in mind that the only way you can see cross-device statistics is to set up a pixel.

What is Facebook Pixel — BuiltWith statistics

To view cross-device data:

  • Go to Ads Manager.
  • Find the ad campaign or ad set you want to analyze.
  • Click Breakdown.
  • Under By Delivery, choose Impression Device.
  • Under By Action, choose Conversion Device.

Additionally, you can see cross-device reports in Ads Reporting:

  • After you go to Ads Reporting, create a new report or choose a report you previously created.
  • Find Columns and search for Conversion Device and Impression Device.

However, the major advantage of cross-device reports is that they allow you to track your customers through the sales funnel.

What is Facebook Pixel — Facebook Attribution

Say a customer views your Facebook ad on a desktop computer, goes to your website to see the offer, leaves your website, and then comes back using a mobile device. If you know how to use pixel for Facebook ads properly, you’ll be able to see the entire conversion path thanks to the Facebook Attribution tool.

You’ll find this tool in the Analyze and Report section of the Facebook Business Manager main menu.

Facebook Attribution allows you to find out which ads work and which don’t. It also allows you to optimize your budget in order to increase your return on investment and effectively drive conversions.

Create Custom Audiences

Another cool thing about advertising with Facebook pixel is that you can create Custom Audiences of people that have already met your business on Facebook or people whose contact information you received thanks to other marketing channels.

What is Facebook Pixel — Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences let you target people from:

  • your website 
  • customer lists
  • app activity (once you add the Facebook SDK to your mobile app)
  • offline activity (once you install Offline Events) 
  • Facebook videos
  • your Instagram business profile
  • lead ad forms
  • Events you promote on Facebook
  • Instant Experience ads
  • your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Marketplace listings

In other words, you can show your Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network ads to any audience possible.

Generate Lookalike Audiences

Another type of audience you can create once you discover Facebook pixel and how to use it is Lookalike Audiences.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences consist of users who have interests, habits, and behaviors similar to those of users from your Custom Audiences. Using Lookalike Audiences is the best way to save time on searching for new high-quality leads who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

What is Facebook Pixel — Lookalike Audiences

To create Lookalike Audiences that will be effective and useful, you should use Custom Audiences that include only active buyers.

Run Dynamic Ads

After you gain insights on Facebook pixel and how it works, you’ll be able to launch Facebook Dynamic Ads — a great format for companies that offer a vast choice of items. 

Say you have an online store where customers can choose among hundreds or even thousands of products. Along with launching ad campaigns to promote seasonal sales or special offers, you can use Facebook to promote your entire inventory of products. That’s where Dynamic Ads come in handy. 

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All you need to do is create a product catalog, fill it with items, create a Dynamic Ad template, and launch your ad campaign. Based on your items and your pixel, Facebook will automatically generate Dynamic Ads and decide who sees them and when.

If you operate in the real estate, automotive, or travel industries, note that you should take advantage of Dynamic Ad solutions made exclusively for your industry.

Measure the Success of Video Ads Made by AI 

Let’s conclude by asking one final question: What does Facebook pixel do for your marketing?

This amazing tool will provide you with analytics that are vital to your success. With the help of free software, you can discover new things about your customers, optimize your budget, improve your targeting, and make your Facebook marketing strategy more professional.

To get more conversions and then track them with your pixel, don’t hesitate to test Softcube artificial intelligence to produce video ads. Created in just a few clicks, AI-generated video ads look spectacular and cost the same amount as image ads.