What is the Best Time to Run Facebook Ads?

What is the Best Time to Run Facebook Ads?

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Want to know exactly when you should target users on Facebook? Here’s the thing.

According to The Verge Tech Survey 2020, almost 10% of people don’t use Facebook because of advertising.

Best time to run Facebook ads — Verge survey

The right ads delivered to the right people at the right time do magic and make people (and the Facebook team) happier, even if these people don’t like seeing ads.

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But if something is wrong with this formula, happiness gives way to annoyance, which eventually pushes people away and reduces the number of active Facebook users.

Let’s shed light on how you can calculate the best time to post Facebook ads in order to boost your return on investment and improve your customers’ experience with your business on the world’s top social media platform.

Here are three things you should always remember:

Only You Know the Best Time to Run Facebook Ads

If you try to google the best days to advertise on Facebook, you’ll stumble upon lots of advertisers and agencies who share different insights.

They can name the exact days, like Tuesday or Thursday, and the exact hours, like between 1 PM and 4 PM.

They could be right, and you can even test their recommendations to see.

However, keep in mind that these conclusions were arrived at based on factors such as an industry, location, and advertising goal that may have nothing to do with your business and marketing.

The first thing you should remember when searching for the best time to advertise on Facebook is that you and your team are the only people who can know what the best time is for your business

And the best way to find the best time is to focus on your audience.

It’s All About Your Target Audience

Do you know your customers’ needs, habits, and preferences? Then you’ll easily know the best time to run Facebook ads! And if the behavior of your target audience isn’t clear to you, there are two major Facebook sources that can help you discover that.

Data Source 1. Facebook Business Page

If you often post about your business in the News Feed, you can see when your fans are online, track the number of people engaged with your Facebook posts, and see other important data.

Best time to run Facebook ads — Page Insights

To do that, go to your Facebook Page and click Insights on the panel at the top.

Data Source 2. Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager allows you to promote your business across the entire Facebook family of apps and services. Thanks to this platform, you can find the best time to post Instagram ads, Messenger ads, Audience Network ads, and Facebook ads.

There are several tools inside Business Manager you should use.

The first tool is Ads Reporting, which allows you to create, share, customize, and export reports to understand your ad performance.

Best time to run Facebook ads — Ads Reporting

The second tool is Analytics, which allows you to monitor all kinds of activity across Facebook and its placements.

Best time to run Facebook ads — Analytics

The third tool is Events Manager, which allows you to use data received from Facebook Pixel if you drive users to your website, Offline Events if you have a brick-and-mortar business, and App Events if you promote your mobile app.

Best time to run Facebook ads — Events Manager

We’ve already mentioned these data sources in our Timesaving Guide to Scheduling Facebook Ads

Don’t be shy to check it out if you want to learn about dayparting and how this technique can help you schedule your ads, figure out how you can automate your ad scheduling, and discover other useful information.

Experiment to Gain Experience

The third thing you need to do to know the best time to launch Facebook ads is to experiment with different times. Testing will help you collect priceless information not only on ad scheduling but on budgeting, targeting, and other factors that affect your conversions.

To run experiments, follow these four steps:

Step 1. Go to Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager.

Step 2. Open the dropdown menu.

Best time to run Facebook ads — dropdown menu

Step 3. Click Experiments in the Analyze and Report section.

Best time to run Facebook ads — experiments

Step 4. Choose your test.

There are four types of tests you can launch to find the best days to run ads on Facebook:

  1. A/B tests allow you to experiment with multiple ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads, run them at different times, and see what times work best.
  2. Holdout tests will help you compare people who have seen your ads with people who have never seen your ads to discover the overall impact of your ad campaigns.
  3. Brand surveys are a great way to ask your customers when they prefer to receive messages and offers from your business.
  4. Campaign budget optimization tests show how budget optimization affects your ad delivery.

Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence to Know Your Time

Let’s recap. To find the best time for Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Messenger ads, and Audience Network ads, you need to remember three things.

First, the best way to know the best time to run Facebook ads is to use your own data instead of someone else’s insights.

Second, to use your data, you need to know your target audience.

Third, you should experiment with your ads on an ongoing basis after examining your target audience.

And don’t forget that you can use artificial intelligence to make video ads for your tests. That way you’ll get a greater return on your investments from the beginning. Good luck!