The celebration of Women’s Day is gaining importance.

With the world passing through big transformations, the perception of women in modern society and the way women perceive themselves is changing for the better.

According to a survey conducted in the United States by the Pew Research Center, 19% of American women say “feminist” describes them very well and 42% say it describes them “somewhat well.”

You may say this percentage is still too low. But if you take notice, a…


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8 Love-Winning Women’s Day Gifts + Tips for Businesses

8 Love-Winning Women’s Day Gifts + Tips for Businesses

The celebration of Women’s Day is gaining importance.

With the world passing through big transformations, the perception of women in modern society and the way women perceive themselves is changing for the better.

Women's Day — Feminist survey

According to a survey conducted in the United States by the Pew Research Center, 19% of American women say “feminist” describes them very well and 42% say it describes them “somewhat well.”

You may say this percentage is still too low. But if you take notice, a greater percentage of the youngest survey participants describe themselves as feminists compared to participants in other age cohorts.

This is a great starting point not only for fighting peacefully for women’s rights but for giving appropriate Women’s Day gifts.

8 Best Women’s Day Gifts to Show Your Support and Care

This article is for everyone: busy spouses, loving girlfriends and boyfriends, caring colleagues, and businesses or brands looking for a strategy for the upcoming Women’s Day sale.

When creating this article, we had two primary goals.

The first was to show you new approaches to traditional Women’s Day gifts and raise awareness of ways you can celebrate Women’s Day.

The second goal was to remind you that you shouldn’t try to buy love. You should focus on creating it instead. Because when it comes to the best gift for Women’s Day, money should only be the means to an end, not the solution.

Here are Women’s Day gift ideas to show any lady your care and support.

1. Sing a love song, because she doesn’t expect that

We love with our ears. You may not have an ear for music, but you definitely have an ear for her.

We bet there’s a special woman in your life who has a favorite song. If you don’t know her favorite song (you should!), there are lots of all-time love songs you can choose from.

For instance, Love by John Lennon:

Or Love of My Life by Queen:

Or My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMacro:

When it comes to performing, you can do it live at home using your stereo, record yourself with your smartphone, send the song to her and perform it when you meet in person, sing karaoke, or do whatever you want to become her favorite singer.

2. Write a poem or love letter that will touch her heart

We know what most of you are thinking right now. Remember once and for all that you don’t need any mythical writing talent to do this because you have guts! Don’t focus on the talent. Focus on the love you have inside and let it flow on the paper.

Yes, no typing. Write your message by hand on paper like our grandparents did. It’ll impress her even more considering that we live in the digital age.

Need proof that you already have enough to please using the power of words? Check out this amazing scene from the comedy drama Green Book directed by Peter Farrelly:

If you do it from the bottom of your heart, it’ll be better than any knick-knack from Macy’s or even overpriced jewelry.

Need more examples? Read Winston Churchill’s love letters to his wife Clementine.

Seriously, there’s a book of them you can buy on Amazon.

If you want to be straight and short, write a poem. If you can’t rhyme, create a haiku — a short-form style of Japanese poetry. Here’s a cool guide by MasterClass on how to write a haiku in four easy steps.

3. Arrange a bouquet with something special for her

Women’s day and flowers are like sun and sunshine. You can’t have one without the other.

Flowers are the most beautiful living beings on Earth. After women, of course.

What are traditional flowers for Women’s Day? In fact, there are different kinds of flowers to match different kinds of women. And if you don’t know which kind is hers and you have no chance to figure this out (or you don’t want to be trivial), collect a bouquet of anything else:

  1. Fresh fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, berries, and nuts
  2. Chocolate, candies, and sweets
  3. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  4. Adult products
  5. Printed materials such as images and photos

These are typical examples that come to mind. Find the best combination and arrange it with love.

Keep in mind that eventually you should have a bouquet, not a gift box!

4. Recreate her favorite scene and play her favorite character

Every woman has one or several favorite movies, books, or other pieces of art that inspire her. She also has one or several favorite characters. To make her remember Women’s Day, let her spend it not only with you but with her personal hero or heroine:

  1. It’s a perfect and unexpected way of presenting your gift.
  2. You’ll be wearing a stunning outfit and look greater than ever.

You can bring an outfit for her as well so you can recreate some scenes from a movie or book (or even painting) you both love or simply dive into the world of imagination to spend time together in a fictional world.

The most important benefit of this is that it’s an amazing alternative to a traditional romantic candlelight dinner and Women’s Day fashion.

5. Cultivate her passion to do what she truly loves

Frida Kahlo became a world-famous painter because of her very painful life.

When Frida was six, she suffered a bout of polio that left her with a chronic limp. When she was eighteen, she got into a bus accident and suffered many injuries which led to 30 medical operations throughout her life.

Despite all the tragedy in her life and problems with health, Frida Kahlo was a happy person.

Why do we think so? Here’s one of her most famous quotes:

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?

Every human being has such wings, but not everyone can notice them.

Your lady has a hobby or passion for something, right? Encourage the activities she loves and help her find her wings! If she’s already found them, support her flying.

If she loves painting like Frida, get her paints. If she loves hiking, get her a trip to the mountains.

Believe it or not, many women love these kinds of gifts. This Nike short film Dream Crazier narrated by Serena Williams that could easily pass for a Women’s Day commercial says it all:

We hope you get the idea. It will be one of the best Women’s Day gifts not only to energize her but to make her a better and happier person.

6. Surprise her every day with a live and secret calendar box

You might have heard about Advent calendars. Usually, these calendars have the form of a decorated house and are given as a countdown present for Christmas.

Why not adapt this idea to Women’s Day and make a calendar box full of different secret gifts?

For instance, you can dedicate your calendar completely to Women’s Day and have boxes for her to open every hour, or you can divide it to recall your relationship milestones. There are many ways you can do it.

There are also many options for what you put in your calendar. You’re limited only by the size of your calendar and your imagination.

7. Portray your relationships to make them long-lasting and memorable

Every relationship has a story portrayed by zillions of photos. Pick the most significant pics you’ve taken together and put them into an album for your significant other.

To impress her even more, you can annotate every picture in the album with your impressions, memories, and special notes.

For those who like such an idea, a nice alternative to a photo album is a photo collage. The major advantage of collages over photo albums is that they can be hung on the wall.

Talking of albums and collages, they’re also one of the greatest Women’s Day gifts for employees that can come along with a masterclass in making chocolate or any other special Women’s Day initiatives in your office.

For example, If your team has already taken photos together, gift an album on the day of your initiative. If you haven’t, take photos on Women’s Day and surprise your employees a couple of days after.

8. Shoot a Women’s Day Movie

Today, people have more access to video production than ever before.

With the camera in your smartphone, you can become a director of her Women’s Day, shoot how you spend it together, and make a special movie about that.

The same works for businesses. Remember the photo album and masterclass as Women’s Day gifts for employees we suggested above? In addition to that, you can record a celebratory video and build closer relationships inside your team!

NOTE: At the end of this guide, we’ll tell you how you can edit your Women’s Day video like a professional in minutes and make it so cute and attractive your employees will share it on social media right away.

3 Time-Tested Women’s Day Sale Tips for Businesses

At Softcube, we realize that entrepreneurs have the heaviest responsibility on Women’s Day.

When you run or manage a business, the first thing you need to do when you wake up is bring joy to your soulmates and family. After congratulating your loved ones, you should go to work with a clear idea of how to celebrate Women’s Day with your team. Finally, you should have your customers in mind and come up with a beneficial Women’s Day sale.

Here are several recommendations that might help you:

Arrange a Women’s Day Giveaway

When you start sales for Women’s Day, you should also start a giveaway to attract more potential customers and current shoppers.

Moreover, you can create multiple giveaways with multiple prizes and on multiple platforms such as your website and key social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. You’ll boost your website traffic because people like participating in contests, get more leads because you’ll acquire participants’ contact information, and simply increase sales.

You can organize a Women’s Day giveaway by yourself and find the winner for free with, or you can take advantage of offers by paid services like Rafflecopter or Woobox.

Make Women’s Day Freebies to Attract Customers to the Sale

To encourage people to participate in your giveaway, offer them Women’s Day freebies.

Women’s Day free stuff can be anything you can put your branding on:

  • Digital products: wallpapers, promo codes, and free services
  • Souvenirs: cups, pens, notebooks, and balloons
  • Bijouterie: rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets
  • Decor: lights, picture frames, vases, dishes

Best of all, your customers will like a Women’s Day t-shirt with some powerful text that reflects the mood of the era or an attractive interactive image.

Start a Women’s Day Challenge and Offer a Special Discount

Along with announcing standard Women’s Day shopping discounts, you can motivate people to buy more with a special discount of 70%, 80%, and even 90% on any products or services you provide.

What kind of challenge might you pose? Let your customers mention Women’s Day and your business in a video they send to you or share on social media with a special hashtag.

In a video, customers can do anything from showing how they celebrate Women’s Day to naming the women that have changed history and whom they look up to.

Keep in mind that challenges get more popular when they’re related to a hot trend happening online and on social media.

Create Women’s Day Video Ads with Artificial Intelligence

For businesses and brands, Women’s Day is a great occasion to market their products and services. If you’re planning to run video advertising, consider using Softcube AI.

After you paste the link to your website, the Softcube platform will automatically crawl its pages to generate the best possible video content for your business. Alternatively, you can use free Women’s Day videos from a rich collection of stock materials or upload your own footage.

With user-friendly tools and premade templates, you can edit your video as well as add sounds, images, transitions, motions, shapes, and text in several clicks.

You’re welcome to test Softcube free of charge to create your Women’s Day video now.

Happy Women’s Day!

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